Belarusians are fleeing from Libya on Russian aircraft

Belarusian Embassy in Libya began evacuating citizens of Belarus. Today in Moscow from Tripoli brought about 10 people.

Belarusian citizens brought to Moscow the second Russian Emergencies Ministry plane. Total in Tripoli sent four such aircraft. But, as reported in the "hot line" Emergencies in Moscow, Belarusian citizens will deliver just one. Counselor of the Embassy of Belarus in the Russian Vitaly Slivka said, "Freedom", which together with the citizens of Russia and other CIS countries on board 10-11 Belarusians. Earlier, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said the evacuation from Libya about 20 people. Vitaly Slivka explained:

"So, 20, then 13 and now, at last count, 10-11 people. Problems with the placement of our citizens were not. Apparently, it is the citizens who have agreed and decided to return home.

This family members of our embassy in Tripoli and other Belarusians who find themselves in the will of fate this country. At the airport employee left our consular section. We are bringing them to the embassy here will provide hot meals, warm clothing, as the climate there is different from ours. They will be able to live in a hotel embassy, and then will be assisted to leave in Belarus. "

Evacuated told RIA Novosti that during the riots, they were scared to go out, there came the sound of shooting continuously. Libyan authorities severely suppress the riots. To disperse the demonstrations in Tripoli and Bengazi was used military aircraft. During these events in Libya have killed more than 500 people, the number of injured is close to four thousand.

Meanwhile the staff of the Belarusian embassy in Tripoli Libya remain in their jobs. They say that the diplomatic mission is operating normally. First, it deals with the evacuation and assistance to citizens of Belarus, the adviser said the Belarusian embassy in Libya Gregory Gromyko:

"We work with our citizens. Everyone who goes to the embassy, to cooperate fully. I just got back from the airport, some of the people of Belarus have already left. Regarding assistance to our citizens, there is an absolute assistance provided by the embassy. "

Mr. Gromyko noted that Belarusian citizens remain in Libya.

The citizens of Belarus, of course, remain. There are women who are married to Libyan citizens.

"The citizens of Belarus, of course, remain. There are women who are married to Libyan citizens. Some citizens simply refused to leave. Basically, at the moment the situation is quite calm and stable — at least in Tripoli. We are ready to provide assistance to all who will come to the embassy. At this point, everyone who wanted to get help from the Belarusian embassy received it. "

"You say that the situation is calm, but we know that hundreds of protesters were killed …"

"I say, at this time. Specifically, the current situation in Tripoli is calm. There are currently no shots. In Tripoli, the situation is now calm. I'm not talking about Bengazi, about the other regions of the country. "

"Why is dangerous to be right now in Libya?"

"You watch the news, and everything is clear. Do you know what the situation in North Africa. Therefore, the issues identified there. But as for the tasks assigned center, the country's leadership, the embassy executes them in full. "

"Either isolated Belarusian diplomats if they have contacts with the Libyan leadership?"

"I repeat that we have now the problem is not in contact with anyone other than the Belarusian citizens. We carry out these tasks in full. "

Asked to assess what in Libya shooting demonstrators, embassy spokesman said that more information is available in the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.


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