Berlin scientist discovered implementation monster

Researcher at the Berlin Museum of Natural History found in the collection is still unknown implementation — a monster. "With its size and the black color is this wasp — a truly horrific event", — explained entomologist Michael Ohl.

It has a huge jaw and looks like a fighting machine. The same implementation caught there recently Lynn Kimsey, a female scientist from California. This wasp is about five times larger than the species that are found in Europe.

Homeland wasps — Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It belongs to the family of Dalara and together with other 10,000 already known and various kinds of digger wasps.

Both expert on wasps, Ol and Kimsey, want to call a new kind of "Garuda" in honor of the Indonesian national symbol, which is a winged fighter.

The behavior of a new kind of Dalara unknown, as for him yet, observations were made on the outside. It is assumed that the huge jaws help males defend, and play a role in their sexual behavior.

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