Best status for classmates

It seems that recently we have not heard about this concept as a social network. And now with the network, you can even play free online games. However, in the short term, it is firmly rooted in our daily lives. There was even a slogan, "if you do not have a network, then you do not exist." And a page on any social networking sites now have two out of three people, many of them have a few in all social networks. Besides a good time keeping social pages united many people recover lost connections and create new ones. Are common examples of such occupation affected the fate of a man determined his life status. By the way, about the status of social networks. This service is provided at each of these sites, some do not use it, but the majority is constantly updating their status. Psychologists believe that the way we disclose your subconscious, share our thoughts and inner feelings. Is this true? In any event, popular with different websites offering a variety of status on any subject is very high. As it turns out, the virtual life little different from the reality, and the cheerful optimist always wondered statuses that prevail on his page. Similarly, you can define a pessimist, macho lover or loser. By the way, social networks are now very close interest in security services around the world: that the status can be determined by criminal tendencies of its compiler. In any case, the study of the social pages installed suicide found quite amusing status.

Status appears in the form of a short message, something like a regular SMS-ki. It can show how the mood of the author at this time, the form of its operations and activities, the desire to communicate, or conversely its absence. The site You can choose to accept such status, which will show your protest or support of a particular event, you can even use it to make a declaration of love. In short, the social status — a virtual message to your friends, containing a transcript of your inner world.

Lately status in social networks, a new feature: they can act as a kind of alarm bell calling people to the total activity. For example, you can arrange for a joint flash mob. Although such calls immediately come to the attention of law enforcement agencies, and in some countries even banned. All because of the recent unrest in the Arab arc in Russia is considered to be caused by the social networks. As a result, they are called — the revolution of social networking.

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