Between Minsk and Kiev is Moscow


Today marks a year since the inauguration of the new President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. During this time, the inner life of Ukraine, in its position on the international scene has changed a lot. However, experts are convinced, in the relations between Belarus and the Ukraine stagnation.

In the last years of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in Alexander Lukashenko and the then Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky had active contacts with the Ukrainian leadership, the revolutionary intergovernmental agreement signed in including the abolition of all restrictions in mutual trade. Yushchenko's pro-European leader for some time acted as an intermediary in contacts with the official Minsk and the West has done a lot for Belarus' accession to the EU program "Eastern Partnership".

If the head of Ukraine was ideologically close to Alexander Lukashenko pro-Russian politician Viktor Yanukovych, relations between Minsk and Kiev suddenly froze. Minsk political scientist Andrei Fedorov convinced that President Alexander Lukashenko tried to persuade anti-Moscow policy that does not fit Viktor Yanukovych:

"When I came Yanukovych, who is prone to closer

Ukrainian side may not advised to approach Moscow and Minsk.

cooperation with Moscow, and who has done some appropriate steps, Belarus in a sense, was rejected in the direction that the Belarusian government did not like. So, maybe there was a certain jealousy of the Belarusian side. Ukrainian side may not advised to approach Moscow and Minsk … However, that relationship is not quite the same as they were in the end of the reign of Yushchenko — can agree with this. "

On the relations between Kiev and Minsk are now actively influence Moscow, — says Andrey Fedorov. This opinion is shared Kiev expert Michael Biletski:

"Cooling occurred primarily because the orientation of the current

Relations between Moscow and Minsk are de facto inconsistent.

Ukrainian politicians under Yanukovych undoubtedly directed towards Moscow. But relations between Minsk and Moscow, although they are de jure in a federal state, the de facto inconsistent, to say the least. "

According Biletskaga, over the years, practically there was no progress in relations between Ukraine and Belarus, with the exception that an agreement on the transit of Venezuelan oil pipeline Odessa — Brody pipeline.

Spoils the bilateral relations between Minsk and Kiev unresolved issue of ratification of the bilateral agreement of 1997 on the common border. Last summer, at the last moment refused to transfer Minsk Kiev ratification and complete the procedure by returning to the agenda of bilateral relations, the problem of the Ukrainian debt Belarus early 90s. Said Andrei Fedorov

"The official Minsk wants so still put the squeeze on Kiev to any specific steps to pay this debt."

Michael Biletski expressed the opinion that the issue of the border with Belarus — not the most up-to Kiev, although perhaps it is still wandering around the corridors Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who previously called himself a Belarusian-born, and several times visited the home of their ancestors — the village Yanuca Dokshitsky District, unexpectedly denied this and before his visit to Poland announced his Polish roots. Michael Biletski says that much of the weight to these statements do not give in Kiev: you never know what the new historians have found in his pedigree, and on the other hand, we know from experience that Viktor Yanukovych is sometimes more confusing in their statements:

"But now the 21st century, and it seems to me that the theme of family and deep roots in common between the leaders do not have that too much importance, as it was in the time of Yaroslav the Wise."

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