Bisphenol A, and plastic. For 50 years, we poison yourself!

It would seem — the banks can be dangerous for bulk products and sunglasses? It turns out that they are Bisphenol A — the chemical, that the degree of impact on the body of the substances Third of the hazard. Within 50 years, it is used as a curing agent in the manufacture of plastics and plastic-based products.

As explained by experts, it is one of the key monomer in the production of epoxy resins and in the most common form of polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic, a wide range of products, such as bottles for water and soft drinks, sports equipment, medical instruments, dental fillings and sealants, eyeglass lenses, CD and DVD discs, as well as household appliances. Included in the types of thermal paper used to print receipt paper in the current CMC, fax machines, ATMs, POS terminals, medical equipment and other devices.

Scientists claim that bisphenol A because of the structural similarity to the female sex hormone estrogen has a negative effect on the brain and reproductive system, and is the cause of a number of cancers, and both women and men — particularly prostate cancer, testicular, breast, and autism deformation sperm DNA, and the inhibition of reproductive function of the endocrine system, delays brain development of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It is dangerous so that heating or prolonged storage of food in a dish, bisphenol A proceeds from plastic for food. It is dangerous even in very small quantities.

On this and other harmful chemicals that can be found in every home, the members of the World Health Organization, told in his report. Because these substances can cause many diseases — breast cancer, asthma, infertility and birth defects — that researchers propose to protect future generations to ban chemicals.

According to the report, chemicals such as phthalates, "it is quite possible suspect" in harm, for example, be applied to the female reproductive system and associated with increased morbidity in children, including leukemia.

For cases of prostate cancer, there are "strong evidence" proving the existence of the disease due to agricultural pesticides. Also, there is evidence linking the contact with these substances during pregnancy obesity in infants and children, and perhaps the development of breast cancer.



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