Blaupunkt has asked the Professor of Mathematics


On February 24 the Supreme Economic Court will consider two lawsuits "Autoradio" — to the National Commission on Television and Radio, as well as the Ministry of Information. The radio station requests to declare unlawful the Commission's decision to stop broadcasting "Autoradio" of January 12, the Ministry of Information and prevention. This is the third meeting of the Court.

The two previous meetings were closed, journalists were not allowed. First, as explained by the judge Valery Shobik, was preparatory, when the judge is looking at paperwork and finds the parties' positions, the second — Procedure. General Director of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan presented his claim, which he applied to the court:

"The first suit — it's a warning that rendered as it turned out, for a phrase in campaign materials Sannikov" The fate of the country is decided not in the kitchen, and in the square. "It was seen as a call to the Ministry of Information, and according to them is an extremist. Transceiver" turned off "without trial, court order, as required by law, no."

The second claim — the abolition of the Information Ministry, warning that "Autoradio" did not fulfill the creative concept. Representatives of the Ministry of Information said that the broadcast was monitored from December 30 to January 5, all the New Year's holidays. In court, the representative of the Ministry of Information said that the entire broadcast was recorded and then listened, and Jan. 10 is an official act of violations, said Yuri Bazan:

"Thereafter had two days off, and then three days seven people somehow will listen to the entire broadcast seven days and something counted. And, in this act there is no division between the program, advertisements, themed areas. There are no indicators that they measured? But compiled a table that we have violated the concept of broadcasting as a percentage of thematic proportions. "

The site Mininfrmu there is an instruction that must be clear, the relation of news, music, programs, advertisements — all digits must be specified as a percentage. But, says Yuri Bazan, the amount of advertising you can not specify a stable figure, because advertising is dependent on market conditions, and will always fluctuate. Accordingly, it will fluctuate, and all the other numbers:

"We have asked the professor of mathematics, and he figured out we were mathematically — not in terms of broadcasting, and with pukntu of mathematics in one variable can not be executed at all."

The requirement for such a creative concept does not comply with Article 7 of the media — "professional independence of editorial", I am sure Yuri Bazan.

"That is really the editors do not have any rights at all: that is, every week to the nearest second be the same length, commercials and music. By the second! For a second, right, left — already broken, you may have to close. "

Lawyer, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrew Bastunets so the chances of parties:

"I have studied the claims, defenses, and in my opinion, the legal position" Autoradio "set out very clearly, and I like it makes more sense than the position of the Ministry of Information. But what decision the Supreme Economic Court, here it is very difficult to predict. And, in Alas, it does not always depend on how clearly stated positions of the parties, and whether they are based on the law. "

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