Blizzard, sleet and gusty winds are expected on Monday in Tomsk

Storm, strong winds of up to 15 meters per second and sleet are expected Monday in Tomsk, the site says the regional weather center.

Sunday Weather Center announced a storm warning for snow, blizzards, high winds and snow. Regional MOE clarified that worsening weather possible in western and Parabelsky Kargasoksky areas. The temperature on Sunday in Tomsk was minus 8 degrees.

"In Tomsk (Monday) expected to be cloudy weather with clearings. Mostly sunny, blizzard. Westerly wind of 5-10 meters per second, gusts of up to 15-20 meters per day sekundu.Temperatura minus 10-12 degrees. Places on the roads snow drifts, black ice, "- said in a statement.

As specified by forecasters, the region temperature range from minus 12 to minus 17 degrees in the northern districts of 17-22 degrees Celsius.

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