Bryson Andres (Bryson Andres) — Violinist Orchestra!

Do you think that I made a mistake in the title? Not at all, I just do not know what to call it art (that's with capital letters), which creates this brilliant man by the name of Bryson Andres (Bryson Andres), residing in the Anchorage (Alaska). What is so different about this musician from all the others? He knows how to create such works, playing only one violin that when the music stops, you realize that you were listening to the whole orchestra

I note that he is playing the violin at age 12, classical works and cover versions of popular songs. Street, a bar, a concert hall — the place is not important. World known for his internet, namely YouTube, since it is so Bryson shares with the world. He just loves what he does and puts in his work his heart and soul …

Secret its composition is that it records the first segments defined composition and then runs around them, continuing to play.

Bryson Andres — «Appologize» One Republick

Original «Appologize» One Republick

Bryson Andres

I recommend this movie to watch from 1:30
Bryson Andres — Lady GaGa in Downtown Spokane

Bryson Andres «Halo» under the Christmas tree

Bryson Andres «Aerodynamic»


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