Bulgaria. Sveshtarskaya tomb

Sveshtarskaya tomb — Sight of Bulgaria, the interesting fact that dates back to the III century BC, is in excellent condition, and most importantly — used in its construction dry masonry, ie without mortar, with a perfectly fitting into stones..

Sveshtarskaya Thracian tomb — located 2.5 km southwest of the village of Sveshtari in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria.

Opened the tomb in 1982 during excavations of the settlement. Dates from the III century BC. Was constructed, presumably, to the Thracian tribe of the Goths governor and his wife.

Architectural decoration of the mausoleum is unique — on the walls of multi-colored floral patterns and whimsical shapes caryatids. Ten female figures carved on the walls of the central burial chamber are unique and have never met in the Thracian lands. They are evidence of contact with the ancient Thracian Hellenes.

The bones scattered in a mausoleum restored skeleton of a young woman and two men — young and old. Third, the side room of the tomb, designed to store the gifts was empty. It is believed that the mausoleum was looted. However, it is unknown when, and why the robbers would relegate treasures cemented over the entrance to the tomb.

In the construction of the tomb applied characteristic of the Thracians "dry" with no fastening solutions, masonry and limestone slabs are fitted so tightly that the gap does not sneaks a knife blade.

Within a radius of 2 kilometers found 26 more mounds of different sizes, and the entire area declared an archaeological reserve.



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