Bundestag condemns joint military deal Lukashenko and Gaddafi

The representative fraction of green in the German parliament and the coordinator of policy in Eastern Europe Marieluise Beck said today that its arms transfers to Libya and Ivory Coast dictator Lukashenko shows his true colors and becomes close to the world famous criminals outcasts.

Ignoring UN embargo on arms supplies, the Belarusian leader puts himself outside the international community. Along with the torture of political opponents in the KGB prison Lukashenko helps Gaddafi and Gbagbo destroy their people. Lukashenko deserves the same condemnation as those despots whom he supports.

The international community has still underestimated the Minsk dictator as a threat to international security, although in the past there were suggestions that Lukashenko is unscrupulous arms to crisis regions, where it is embargoed. Such actions should not remain without consequences. The international community must finally begin to closely monitor the Belarusian arms export stressed Marieluise Beck.

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