C-500 against hypersonic weapons

C-500 against hypersonic weaponsDecember 16, 2010 during a roundtable discussion on problems of national security, organized by RIA "Announcements", military experts have concluded that one of the important tasks of the future unified system of air and space defense will struggle with the hypersonic weapon possible opponent.

Recall that in the last decade, particularly funds aerospace attack began to play a decisive role in achieving military success, as experience shows nedavneshnih wars.

Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korochenko argues that the need for the speedy development of aerospace defense system based on the fact that NATO countries, priemuschestvenno in the United States are working at full speed to build the latest generation of hypersonic strike weapons and hypersonic missile weapons (Prompt Global Strike) .

In other words, such a missile to intercept the existing air defense problem. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the flight time of the missiles to targets possible opponent is reduced almost to the minute, and the enemy will not have time in advance to take measures to protect them.

Americans argue that the hypersonic tool first created to defeat the terrorists who simply do not have time to run. But, according to the documents Consultative Group on NATO gallakticheskim Research and Development (AGARD), development of hypersonic missiles is immediately on several fronts: to destroy the fortified (or underground) enemy targets, air defense facilities — ABM to gain air superiority, effective intercept ballistic missiles and destruction Hypersonic means of attack.

The emergence of the United States of similar missiles would minimize the dignity of our nuclear missile shield. According to the views of a number of military professionals in the event of damage opponent hitting hypersonic weapon on the same mobile missile systems constituting the base's nuclear deterrent, we just do not have time to take them from striking.

It is no coincidence Igor Korochenko saw: "The threat of the U.S. Air Force hypersonic missiles asks acceptance by the Russian Federation of adequate response measures, the number of which, of course, will come the creation of aerospace defense system and the saturation of its information, intelligence and firepower, including a unified system of air defense missile AA-Guns — PRO fifth generation. "

Recall that in the U.S. there are already experienced the standards of this tool. Namely, it is about programmke ARRMD, or Affordable Rapid Response Missile Demonstrator ("Ready for the speedy response to missile"), which leads the South American DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects). It involves the development of hypersonic missiles of "air — earth" and "ship — save" more range.

In May 2010, the U.S. experienced two experienced benchmark hypersonic cruise missile. One of them — Minotaur IV. According to experts, it is able to hit a target at least some part of the world less than an hour.

At the current time is undergoing flight tests hypersonic controlled rocket X-51A Waverider. Starting weight of the rocket is 1.1 tons, the weight of the warhead — 110 kg, the radius of the act — 1.2 thousand kilometers, speed — more than 2.4 thousand meters per second. It is expected that the rocket go on armament U.S. Army after 2015.

So Makar, despite the rise to power in the U.S. "peacekeeper" Obama's Washington is developing hypersonic tool. Noteworthy that May 13, 2010, for the next day after the South American tests Hypersonic "Minotaur", the last Air Force Commander Anatoly Kornukov and former head of the weapons of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Anatoly Sitnov made the statement that the defense and military-space defense (ASD) can not now fully ensure the safety of the country.

What did we oppose newcomer call from the U.S.? Commented on the situation on the external expert of the Council and the Defense Policy Mordovin Alexander: "For us, the emergence of such tools is a huge problem of. If ordinary cruise missiles could destroy the fighters, then there is a very problematic. Fact that not only the fighters fourth, but even the fifth generation can fly at low altitudes at speeds not exceeding 1,300 km per hour. Taking into account the fact that the standards of hypersonic weapons sharpened just for low-level flights, intercept them from the air will be problematic.

Under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, we turned gallakticheskuyu program from its military, including the project of creation of combat lasers, the implementation of which would be permitted to successfully fight against the missiles of "Minotaur." It is a question of developing a designer Wolf. Existing standards of ground weapons to repel attacks hypersonic weapon will not do. It remains to assign the occurrence of anti-aircraft missile system S-500. But so far only rumors about that once we get down to his tests. As a result, in the long term, we still will remain vulnerable to the likely impact of hypersonic weapon. "

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