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The success story of Swiss writer, stubbornly defending the hypothesis of ancient alien contact with humans, Erich von Däniken both mysterious and phenomenal. His first book, Chariots of the Gods was published in 1967 and five years later became a best-seller — read it in 26 languages, including Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam and Chinese. Five and a half million people were attracted fervent faith in his seemingly improbable ideas. We present them here in the form in which they were formulated in the Enquirer article from the magazine devoted to his books.

1. Around 10,000 years ago, alien aliens from a distant galaxy visited Earth, possibly after an intergalactic war.
2. These children of the stars created a civilized man, changing the genes of monkeys in his own image and likeness.
3. Due to the high development of weird alien technology mankind to worship them as gods.
4. Many mysterious archaeological finds may be relics left over from the visit of aliens.
5. Myths, the Bible and other sacred books confirm a temporary stay of the gods on Earth.

This book is devoted to the mysteries and enigmas of history, and we are not alien to the idea that once there was something special that moved the humanity on the path of its evolution. Indeed, it is unclear in what precise spot, but 35 000-30 000 years ago on the planet suddenly appeared modern people, often contrary to the expectations of archaeologists found evidence that early societies were highly developed and possessed a deep knowledge, inexplicably rapid development civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt 3000 years ago also needs explanation. Unfortunately, some of the evidence given by Erich von Denikenom to support his version of the ancient history, almost entirely irrelevant — is an insidious mixture polufaktov and half-truths.

Its success is due to a large number of books on the same subject. They all beat in one goal and combined a unique interpretation of some events and ancient artifacts as evidence of extraterrestrial invasion. Below are the 13 most popular Deniksna background evidence, and, as you will see, all he could be wrong.

Olmec sculptures (Mexico)

Olmec sculptures pogryasayuschi. Their heads are covered with huge helmets, but you can admire them only where they are found, as they are too large to be exhibited in the museum. Not one bridge in the country will not sustain the weight of these colossi.
An exaggeration of the size and weight Denikenom background means that they can not be moved with the help of modern equipment (this also applies to other evidence of antiquity, such as the blocks of the pyramids, statues of Easter Island), and in fact three of them were exhibited in Mexico City, and another transported to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Astronaut of Palenque (Mexico)

Image of the human being, the upper part of which is bent forward like a motorcycle racer and today even a child can easily recognize a rocket in his chariot … Stooping being manipulated by a host of obscure switches, and his left foot is on something resembling a pedal … Since we have already encountered such images, it would be surprised not to find a complex core engine. Here, too, there are the necessary teeth and pipes, and even on top of a sort of antenna … Front-seat astronaut separated from the back of the wagon, which depicted symmetrically placed squares, circles, dots and spirals.

This astronaut — Mayan ruler Pacal, who died in 683 BC. e that is buried under the stone slab depicting the usual art Mayan symbols. Rocket is shown in cross section corn sacred tree, a symbol of rebirth, from which Pacal rips fruit, not manipulating obscure switches. He sits on the throne of God above the underground, suspended between life and death.

Stainless steel column

In the courtyard of the temple in Delhi is a column, welded from iron parts, for four millennia it has been exposed to the weather, and is still on it no sign of rust, as the material from which it is made, no sulfur and phosphorus.

Before us is an unknown ancient alloy. Perhaps, the column is set group of ancient engineers did not have the resources for a giant structure, but would like to keep the memory of their culture monument, which had not been exposed to the time? In this paragraph is made for four factual errors. Column is not in Delhi and nearby Mehauli (India). It is made from a single piece of iron, not welded part. It does not rust, as it consists of pure iron, and not from an unknown alloy. Its origin is well known, it was erected in honor of the king Chandratupty II in V century BC

The caption to the chariot of the gods is in contrast to earlier assumptions about the age of the column (more than four thousand years), and states that the exact dating is impossible, but it hundreds of years. Later von Däniken said that it was misled on this artifact.

The Great Pyramids

Several hundred thousand workers dragged and dragged on the flooring dvadtsatitonnye blocks with rope (non-existent) and the roller (non-existent).
Crowds of workers lived in barracks (non-existent).

It took 664 years, and it seems to be a technique involved, the secret of which has not yet been disclosed. Today, in the XX century, any architect can not afford to build a replica of the pyramid of Cheops, even if it would have the resources available to the entire continent.
Although the pyramid — certainly a remarkable structure, but above all of it is completely wrong. Limestone blocks weigh half a ton.
Ropes already existed, and their images are found in the figures carved on the stones. This applies to the rollers, although Egyptian engineers will likely use a different and more sophisticated devices for lifting blocks. In the V century BC. e.
Greek traveler and historian Herodotus, who were characterized by exaggeration in the description has been suggested that this work took 22 years and there were a hundred thousand people are engaged.

Today's architects and engineers, of course, even having fewer workers could build something like that much faster. Although the work was really involved a lot of people, the fertile Nile was able to feed them all.

Elephantine Island (on the Nile, Egypt)

Tourists are well known island of Elephantine, which is called so even in ancient texts, which means that the similarity with the elephant. Form he actually resembles an elephant, so that the ancient description perfectly correct. But from those who wrote them, it could be known? To see this similarity, it is necessary to look to the airplane. There's no such a hill, from which the island could be seen, and which could provide the observers to make such a conclusion.
The island has no resemblance to an elephant, and so named by the Greeks, to trade with its inhabitants ivory (Greek elephantinos).

Maps Pirp Flight

On Kargil Piri Reis shows exactly the outlines of North and South America and even the contours of the Antarctic … Comparing them with modern photographs of the planet made from satellites, it can be seen that the construction of maps had to be done aerial photography from a great height.

How can this be explained? Spaceship hovering in the sky high above Cairo, and his camera was pointing straight down … Whoever sdelal.ih, but he could fly, and take pictures. Cards found in XVIII century and was completely accurate.
There is only one map of Piri Reis, discovered in 1929 and is a variant of the early maps. It demonstrates the achievement of the first navigators, but, even with a great imagination, you can not see in it the absolute accuracy. Only the construction of a small part of the map (the Caribbean), apparently used the spherical projection with a base in Egypt.

Tiwanaku (Bolivia)

Chariot of the Gods: There is no apparent reason for the emergence or decline of this culture. Of course, this does not stop the archaeologists who have sounded quite bold and arrogant assumptions about the age of ruins — okalo three thousand years. Their dating is based on the age of two clay figures, which may very well not be relevant to the monolith.

In search of ancient gods: the mysterious world of the Tiwanaku dated by archaeologists on the basis of the bones and remains of charcoal. It is assumed that construction began around 600 BC. e. The perfect date. ' In the prophecy of Ezekiel tells of a meeting with the spacecraft in 592 BC. e.

It is incomprehensible why this space aliens staged their base in Tiahuanaco? The above background Denikenom date contradict each other, as the orthodox archaeological dating is incorrect; modern radiocarbon dating method shows that the structure erected in Tiahuanaco around 800 AD. e.

Runways at Nazca (Peru)

Sometime in the past unknown intelligent beings landed on an uninhabited valley, not far from where today is the town of Nazca, and made her a makeshift airfield for their spacecraft, which may be near the Earth. They put two runways at an ideal location. Or maybe they have tagged earth bars using material unknown to us? For unknown reasons, the astronauts were forced to shut down its mission and return to their home planet. In my opinion, the runways and some local figures give the Indians reason to believe that the aliens are back.

What is this missile, which requires a runway length of several kilometers? Archaeologist Maria Reiche dedicated to research these bands are about a quarter century, said that land is very soft, and I'm afraid that the astronauts in it just be stuck. Later von Daniken in an interview said that it could not be the runways, and landmarks, arranged for finding areas. What the astronauts find their ideal terrain for the first time?

Vision of Ezekiel

In the Old Testament in the Book of Ezekiel describes his vision, when he was by the river Chebar in Mesopotamia:
1:3. The word of the LORD came to Ezekiel son of Buzi, a priest in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar, and was there upon him the hand of the Lord.
1:4. And I saw, and behold a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, 1:5. And out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of fire, and out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures, — And this was their appearance: they were of a man;
1:6. And each — four faces, and every one of them — four wings
1:7. And their feet — legs straight, and feet as their sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like burnished copper.

Von Däniken believes that this description landing spacecraft and the emergence of extraterrestrial aliens. And he Ezekiel thought he saw a prophetic dream, like a vision of God at the time of the experience of religious ecstasy, what he had in mind, emphasize words and was there upon him Gospodnyafraza hand, is commonly used in the Old Testament to refer to an altered state of consciousness. So who do we believe — background Denikenu or prophet Ezekiel? Did the aliens had four faces and legs straight?

Tablets from Ur (Iraq)

Texts and tablets from Ur, the ancient book of humanity, tell of gods who ruled the sky ships of the gods, who came from the stars, who owned a terrible weapon and returned to the stars.

Nothing is known of Sumerian literature, which could provide a basis for such an interpretation of the content of the tablets. From the description of the exploits of their gods are also far and tablets from Ur containing mostly business and legal documents, secular messages and lists. There are at least 1700 tablets with texts with similar content, and none of them are plates with religious texts. Sumerian gods descended from the stars — they were stars like gods of the sun and moon, ruled the celestial boats, like the gods of mythology in the Middle East.

Rock paintings in Santa Barbara (California, USA)

So far no one has given a plausible explanation for these complex rock paintings. One of them may be an academic diagram depicting under Swedish electronics engineer, a device for the creation of artificial life.
Indians cabbages, whose ancestors were the authors of these figures, they say that it's just a symbolic marks left by hunters. They contain practical information on everyday issues such as, for example, an indication of the road to the nearest well.

Statues of Easter Island

A small group of intelligent beings was forced to land on Easter Island because of a technical problem. Life on a small island was boring and monotonous … Perhaps, in order to leave the natives long memory of his visit, perhaps to send a signal to your friends that they were looking for, strangers have made of volcanic stone colossal statue. After saving his fellow astronauts, and left the island, it left a huge legacy of the unfinished monument, the completion of which was beyond the power of this technology unsuitable for careless strangers that had on the island a few days.

In 1956, Thor Heyerdahl conducted archaeological experiment with the ruler of the island and six islanders. Using traditional methods of the natives, they cut out the outlines of a new statue for three days, taking advantage of the only stone tools and mitigating volcanic stone water brought into the hollowed out pumpkins. Then 30 years later the same Heyerdahl along with the Czech engineer Pavel P. with hundreds of islanders without hassle moved several idols.

Tunnels in Ecuador

In Golden Gods von Däniken tells how, together with researcher Juan Maurice went through a secret entrance to an extensive network of tunnels containing a library of recordings made thousands of years ago on thin metal sheets and remaining legible forever. During their expedition they turned their flashlights on their helmets and lights and in front of you suddenly saw a huge gaping hole going back to the dark depths of the underground …. We went down the ropes to the first site. Later, they were happy because they happily passed the danger, and were much more vigilant in the future.

Four months after the publication of the book von Däniken admitted in an interview that he had never been to that part of Ecuador, which is described, and remained in the city of Cuenca, a hundred kilometers away. For its part, Moritz said that he never went down with background Denikenom in these caves: We would not be able to get into the cave, the entrance to it is closed.

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