Cargo turnover Finds rose to a record high of

The ports of Nakhodka city district last January has exceeded 5 million 541.5 thousand tons. This is an absolute monthly record in the history of transshipment cargo from Nakhodka in 1946. Former achievement improved by 1 million tons, the eastern branch of the enterprise "Rosmorport." Most Nakhodka processed coal — 2,000,000 313.3 thousand tons. The second position is occupied by oil — one million 801.5 thousand tons. In third place are petroleum products — 690.3 thousand tons. The ports of Nakhodka also involved ferrous and nonferrous metals, containerized cargo, timber, lumber, refrigerated cargo and different techniques.

On the territory of Nakhodka district has four high-power port. Almost the entire volume of coal accounted for the deep-water port of the East, which are suitable to the berths of the giant ships carrying up to 175 thousand tons. Oil goes through Spetsmornefteport Koz'mino, at its moorings moored tankers of up to 150 thousand tons.

In 2012, the turnover of the ports of Nakhodka city district was nearly 60 million tonnes. Experts predict that in 2013, the turnover will grow to 70 million tonnes. Transshipment Nakhodka today ranks third in the country after the Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg, but in the future Nakhodka can come out on top with a turnover of 250 million tonnes, according to port workers.

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