Chinese cities are champions for emissions

Several major Chinese cities are on the first places in the world in carbon emissions per capita, the information reported by the representatives of the World Bank, at its last meeting. Greenhouse gas emissions in Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing are much higher than in most European capitals.

Industry and Energy are the leading industries in these Chinese cities, in addition to the country as the fuel is used mainly coal.

Worldwide, most urban emissions were transport, construction and waste, Chinese cities are 20% on the list. Also according to the study in these settlements is forty percent of electricity production and the same have on the industry.

Specialist in urban transport and editor of the report "Shomik Mehindratta" adding that such a high level of emissions due to the fact that these communities are the most important global centers of industrial production.

However, the accelerated urbanization of China and about 350 million people are expected to move into the city for the next twenty years. This naturally leads to an increase in emissions. An important issue for China's leaders is the choice between the use of carbon and switch to other fuels. But while these sprawling industrial centers are locked in carbon development path.

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