Computerisation of security forces at the expense of seizures

Non-state Belarusian media, human rights organizations and political activists are still without computers, audio and video, and other media seized during the searches that took place after the events of December 19. Appeals to the prosecutor, the KGB and other security agencies have yet to bear fruit — the fate of the confiscated equipment and personal finance people is uncertain.

The wave of searches and seizures swept across all regions after the presidential election and events on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19. And, for some civil initiatives, this wave was not the first: for example, the campaign "Tell the Truth" was deprived of computers and other office equipment twice, the first time — May 18. Until now, the fate of the seized is not known, says campaigner Andrey Dmitriev:

"Kamputaryzytsyyu power structures we performed 200%. Promises they do not give any, of course. A criminal case, for example, from 18 May — she paused. This means that it is not carried out, and they have a right to keep this technique. We Of course, we try to talk to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and others, but to no avail. "

In addition to equipment seized from the office of company security officers also confiscated computers and personal means of activists during searches of their homes. For example, in Svetlana Naumova took the money collected on the drug. Mrs. Svetlana says that does not hope to return them:

"Because I am disabled, the money I had collected for treatment. I wrote to the prosecutor, but the money to me, unfortunately, has not yet returned. And, sorry for the melyadramatyzm, but I do not know whether I shall live up to that."

Vitaly Zyblyuk

Without explanation and without the promise of withdrawal to return computers and other equipment left intelligence amended a number of independent publications, including "ERB." Complaints to the Prosecutor's Office and other agencies, and in this case, were unsuccessful, the head of the radio Vitaly Zyblyuk:

"We have made various inquiries, and we were told that there was a seizure of the law, but on the return there was nothing there."

In the independent weekly "Nasha Niva" was informed that the other day on my request to the prosecutor received a reply stating that the seized equipment will be returned upon completion of the investigation of the criminal case initiated after the events of December 19. Here's how it commented Harry Pahanyaila — BHC lawyer human rights organization, which was also seized computer equipment:

Harry Pahanyaila

"It is clear that if these actions under the law enforcers were journalists, human rights activists, individuals, whose equipment could contain information about someone's guilt, it indicates that the prosecuting authorities and the political investigation with regard to the KGB — they used situation to seize equipment and find out what they do, journalists, human rights activists and politically active people. "

Meanwhile Activists initiative "Free Belarus" from Poland took action, the purpose of which — to purchase computers for Belarusian journalists and human rights defenders.

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