Crack in the earths crust in the area between Salyan and Hajigabul Azerbaijan

Baku. Kamala Guliyeva-APA. From the territory of Salyan to Hajigabul there was a break in the earth's crust. APA, reported by the head of the department of seismology and geodynamics of the Institute of Geology Fakhraddin Gadirov.

Noting that the process began in March, Gadirov added that this information was provided to the institution of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, "5-10 cm eastern part of the territory referred sank into the sea. In some places there are small mud volcanoes. And the most important thing is that all this has led to the earthquakes in Hajigabul magnitude 3.5, 3.6 and 3.2 points. That's not all. The process continues. If we increase the number of measurement works on this site, we can prevent the further course of the process. All theoretical analyzes indicate that this fault can move in the direction of Absheron. And the greatest danger in that. "

Gadirov disclose the reasons for what is happening: "Under the influence of the Arabian plate beneath the earth's surface at a depth of 15 km horizontal process proceeds. Starting from Salyan, the direction of these horizontal processes are changing. In Salyan, Bozdagh, Baku dominated traffic to the east, at other points — to the north and west. The western part of Salyan to Shamakhi as if trying to turn counter-clockwise, and the other side — clockwise. Here there is a big difference over time. This time difference is there between Bozdagh, Shikhli, Baku and Gyurkanom. The rate of change Bozdagh to Gurkan oriental ingredients from 6 mm to 0. This is very dangerous. As if we pull out with one hand and hold the other. At this time the fault. This tile breaking. It may have been in ancient times and is now activated. This casts some fear because in Absheron since ancient times, and there are pockets of earthquake faults. They also can be activated. For example, the 1842 earthquake in Zabrat through this territory was breaking. And it can be activated. This process is necessary to know for sure. "

According F.Gadirova, the process is in the field of attention. In this connection, made appeals to various government agencies. In these areas have cracks and in homes.

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