Creation of the universe. Overview of hypotheses universe

Indestructible eternal breath

As already noted, the question of the origin of the universe arose at the dawn of humanity. The earliest hypothesis of the universe belongs to the thinkers of ancient India. In the book H. Roerich's "Space legends of the East," they are presented in the form of myths and legends, but its physical nature and harmony presenting claims to a scientific hypothesis.

According to the "Cosmic legend" the story of the cosmos (universe) is infinite alternating periods of his life — the Great Manvantaras and nothingness, called the Maha Pralaya, which are equal to each other and have a duration of about (10 * years).

Great Manvantara is divided into — the day of Brahma, or Small Manvantara, and night — Hochi Brahma pralaya or Small:

During Minor Pralaya world does not disappear, but all living things die, come to life during the Day of Brahma. Length of Day or Hochi Brahma are more than four billion years old. 360 days and Hochey Brahma of one year of Brahma, and a hundred years of Brahma match Age of Brahma, or the Great Manvantara …

Hebytie Cosmos is this: "Do not have anything. Uniform Darkness filled the boundless all … Do not … Do not have time to be the Universal Mind … Do not have anything except Herushimogo Eternal Breath, does not know himself. Only One Form of Existence, infinite , infinite, causeless extended, resting in the Dream, dreamless: Life pulsated unconscious in Space Space.

During the non-existence — Maha Pralaya — there is something indestructible and unknowable, that in ancient texts called Patabramanom — grand cause of all things, which embodies the Absolute Being deprived of the inherent dualism … At the dawn of cosmic life Patabraman releases creative energy — "Shakti" — Mother of the World, and the masculine — the Spirit of Creativity. Divine son is born — the Logos … Logos energy vortex motion incredible speed creates eddies of life — the primary atoms of the subtle state of cosmic matter, and the subsequent seven degrees of fineness of matter, of which the human senses is available only seventh, the coarsest level … ".

"Big Bang" is absurd

Let us turn to the more contemporary hypotheses of the universe.

Ha far the most common hypothesis is the "Big Bang", proposed by Friedman in 1924. It was inspired by the discovery of so-called "redshift" shows allegedly expansion of our universe.

Currently, however, many studies have found that the "red shift" can be caused by other reasons, such as the aging of the photons.

The main drawback of the hypothesis of "Big Bang" as the hypothesis of the universe is that the universe was born according to her alleged in an explosion of some neutron stars. This means that the universe before the explosion had "background", and therefore the hypothesis of Friedman can not claim to be the first principle of finding the universe.

On this occasion, quite categorically expressed famous Swedish physicist and astrophysicist, Hobelevskoy Prize laureate X. Alven: "… This cosmological theory is the top absurdity — it claims that the universe originated in a certain point like an exploding bomb, having dimensions of a pinhead. It seems that in the present intellectual atmosphere of great advantage cosmology" Big explosion "is that it is an insult to common sense."

Universe — a crystal

Now consider the "crystallographic model" Samara scientist W. Trufanova.

The background is as follows. B. Trufanov worked for many years in the field of crystallography, and tried to find a relationship between the structure of crystals and their physical and chemical properties. Sometimes it seemed to him that the problem is unsolvable.

However, after a break, he repeatedly tried to find in the chaos of mathematical functions, some fundamentals.

At last, in 1992, they found the universal equation of crystallography, which is, in fact, a model of the crystal. Here it turned out that the resulting fundamental solution has very specialized and global significance. The equations of special relativity were only a special case of a mathematical model of Crystallography (!)

Ha model does not impose any restrictions, causing it to become universal significance. And then he lit up the idea: "It's the whole universe — is crystal". The conclusion, of course, extraordinary, but not absurd.

Havernoe not in vain in the Scriptures speak of "heavenly stronghold." In favor of the "crystal" model of the universe is the fact that the old sketches sky reflects the continuing geometry star clusters.

Speaking of the universe as a "Pervokristalle" necessary to clarify the meaning of "strongholds". Under the hardness in the ordinary sense means the ability of body to resist penetration of other foreign bodies. We know that there are technical terms of hardness and microhardness.

Hardness is a cosmic scale, which says V. Trufanov, should be called "kosmotverdostyu." This means that our universe can not easily penetrate any wandering alien galaxy. From a physical point of view of resistance to penetration of "foreign galaxies" conditioned "tension" lines of physical fields interacting celestial bodies. So there is nothing absurd in the "crystallinity" of the universe is not.

Trufanova model reproduces all the basic physical and astronomical phenomena, including gravitational interaction of bodies. He explained the possibility of local control gravity. In some regions of the universe, it may be absent.

As evidence, he cites the following fact: "Astronomers have found that the nebula in the constellation Taurus, which arose in 1054, for the past 940 years, is expanding with a constant speed of thousands of kilometers per second, which indicates the absence of gravity. Interesting that the very outbreak of the explosion passed without fever. terms of modern physical concepts, this phenomenon is inexplicable. "

Conclusions drawn from the analysis model of the universe B. Trufanova, largely contradict the general theory of relativity. Samara scientist bluntly states: "… the time has proved that the human scale and large astronomical distances Einstein's theory does not work. In the vast expanse of the cosmos could not be found: no black holes or gravitational waves, or" mole "holes through which you can allegedly invade other worlds … ". Or: "… Einstein focused on his theory of great efforts. And it would be nice if … else found by Riemann geometric method would have been known to Einstein. This was the method of measurement associated with a simple account of crystal lattice forming space. Einstein's insight came only at the end of his life, when he realized his oversight and sadly agreed that if he was to build on the crystal structures of physics, his theory of gravity would have been a castle in the air. That is, he was on verge of developing a new theory of gravity, is not similar to the first. "

In search of original "building block"

There are a number of others, but are less important and less convincing hypothesis of the universe.

The main drawback of current hypotheses of the universe is the lack of a clear understanding of: what, in fact, was created our universe. The question, as already noted, arose in ancient times.

According to ancient Indian legends universe originated from a discharged incredibly fine material substance, composed of minute particles of matter.

And mankind has always wanted to know: is there a limit to the divisibility of matter? Is there a kind of original "brick" of the universe?

Following the discovery of the atom and the electron is followed by the opening of other, more elementary particles, the number of which by 1990 had reached two hundred, and now there are more than eight hundred. It is clear that with such a huge number of elementary particles that scientists have doubts about their unit. This is an indication that the experimental physics at an impasse.

Oh, and theoretical physics can not boast of their achievements, despite the formation of the new directions in science, and as a synergist sion fields. So what is the reason for the "inhibition" of the physical sciences?

Enormous damage to physical science has suffered a hypothetical theory of relativity. Summarizes the essence of the matter is, that was rejected by the primal matter of all things, called ether. Since the distribution of these theories of the physical sciences have become, in fact, unfounded.

Many readers will object: "And here the air, if there is a physical vacuum?"

Let's see how did that strange category of matter. In the Russian translation of the word "void" means "nothing." This word is understood the void, that is, the complete absence of any matter in this space.

Therefore, "physical vacuum" — is, in fact, the physical vacuum. That's really, truly — vivid verbiage physicists.


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