Daltehenergo launches unique in the region, a high-precision balancing machine

JSC "Daltehenergo" (part of the holding company "RAO Energy System of East") launches a unique region in a high-precision balancing machine for adjusting the rotors of electric motors, pumps and fans.

Mobile machine BM-8000 allows for the setting of auxiliary equipment for thermal power plants and pumping stations, industrial plants and heating plants in the Far East.

The new machine is designed to balance the rotating parts and tools weighing from 80 kg to 8 tonnes Computer control enables Starting up the test with high accuracy at relatively low frequencies, which significantly improves the quality of the repair, reduces the time of the meeting, increasing the service life of the equipment. At the same time balancing machine is mobile and easy to use: The product is shipped on a flatbed truck, accompanied by two experts, who for four hours preparing the machine to work at the facility. This is especially important during emergency and emergency repairs.

"JSC" Daltehenergo "is the only contractor that uses the machine in the balancing and repair work in the Far East — says General Director of "Daltehenergo" Denis Presnukhin. — Extending the life of power auxiliary stations, as well as high performance "VM-8000" will enable us to significantly reduce the cost of the customer. Application of the new machine is planned during the repair campaign in 2013 in generation. "

It should be noted that in 2011, of "Daltehenergo" by seeking to improve the quality of services provided, put into service mobile balancer next generation VM-36000 for commissioning of turbine rotors and generators of power. The quality and time savings for repairs using the new machine marked multiple reviews and letters of thanks from customers.

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