Decorative support the power lines in the form of a snow leopard installed in Sochi

On a combined road and railway Adler — Alpika Service established a regular trim a power pole in the form of figures of the snow leopard.

The figure of the snow leopard and two-way easily visible from both sides of the tunnel, on which it is installed.









A power pole in the form of a snow leopard height of 35 meters and a weight of about 30 tons produced at the plant in Kliazma. Design consists of hundreds of parts assembled in the shape of the snow leopard — one of the three mascots Olympic Games.

At night, the support would be adorned with decorative illumination of red, white and blue. Soon in Sochi will be installed next to a decorative support the Olympic torch.

A year ago this road was installed the first extraordinary support "skier".



Was worked as a decorative design support in the form of a symbol of Games — the five Olympic rings, but because of the large dimensions of the implementation of this idea has been postponed. For Russian decorative support in Sochi — the first experience of creating such supports. Now any sample according to customer support can be replaced by decorative.

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