Denver International Airport — a conspiracy theory in action.

I have already published an interesting article about the masonic city, buildings that simply overwhelmed by the symbolism of the secret society. This is the city of Astana and the material you can find HERE. Today, I offer on your court another strange place. This is the airport of Denver, USA. Strange, scary, filled with riddles. Why are only the great pictures inside it with the children in their graves!

A few odd facts about the design and construction process DIA (Denver International Airport) induce some people to think that this airport is a key element of the conspiracy theories.

Prior to 1995, the year in Denver was another airport, Stapleton. He was close enough to downtown and to the town of Aurora and residents often zasuzhivayut airport and the city government on solid money as compensation for the noise. In 1989, then-mayor of Denver, Federico Pena, persuaded the federal government to allocate money to build a new airport. The opening of the new airport was planned for October of 1993.

Due to poor planning, the many changes in the requirements of United Airlines, labor strikes, does not operate a new, fully automated baggage sorting system, the new Mayor Wellington Webb has repeatedly postponed the opening. In the end, the airport was opened February 28, 1995, the year to 16 months later than planned. Evening of February 27 train cars (tankers, trucks with luggage carts, cars from rental agencies) moved from Stapleton to DIA. Final cost of the project amounted to 4.8 billion dollars, 2 billion more than the planned budget. On the construction of the airport has 11 000 employees.

So what's so mysterious about this airport?

The airport terminal is covered with tents, which, at first glance, symbolize the Rocky Mountains. But only at first glance.

There is a theory that where the airport now stands used to be an Indian cemetery. And the Indians were very much against the construction of something. Unable to agree with them by adding to the project now most of these tents are actually symbolize the Indian wigwams.

Curiously, these tents are made of fiberglass, Teflon-coated and have a very low thermal conductivity. That is, at the airport you can hide a lot of people, without fear that someone will notice something on the Imager. Met a lot of comments that the radar and go look it does not, however, fiberglass and Teflon, like, miss radio.

Next. Many advocates of conspiracy theories believe that the secret world government is composed of people (or beings) is very smart on the one hand and on the other a very cynical. So, first of all, this government no one knows. Second, it is able to plan and commit terrible global and globally terrible things. And thirdly (see cynicism), it leaves a circle of signs and symbols of their work, just like a football fan — the name and logo of your favorite team.

That is why, perhaps, above the airport is very much like a swastika. Officially, however, such a scheme — the most convenient for traffic control and to reduce the dependence of take-offs and landings on the weather.

Another notable detail — these are two very strange and even somewhat shocking, pictures. Each of them is divided into two parts. Officially, the general idea, which transmits the picture — it is a struggle of mankind with all sorts of terrible adversity, such as genocide. Conspiracy theorists see this as a prophecy of the incarnation of the idea of the "golden billion" over the genocide of the lion's share of the world's population. They say that these pictures — it's such a mockery of rulers of the world at the silly little people.

The first is called In Peace and Harmony with Nature.

At the bottom of the first part of the picture shows three girls dead in their graves. Black woman on the left, Indian centered. Dead girl on the right is holding a bible and a yellow six-pointed star. Apologists for the conspiracy theory believe that this nation or three edakii metaidei who planned to destroy. Important Note — The theorists believe that genocide is widely used poison gas. That is why there is no trace of the dead of a violent death, and the city in the distance is shown in pink and purple haze. Allegedly, this is because he was subjected to a gas or biological attack.

In addition, the center of the painting depicts a girl holding a piece of stone. This is said to label the Mayan calendar, the end of civilization simvoliziruschego. Why — is not clear. There is no indication that it means exactly that. Some people believe in conspiracy on YouTube point to its similarity with the map of Russia. I do not remember, though, in a good or in a bad sense for Russia.

The official version of the contents of the first part of the picture — a war of conquest and genocide killed and made to suffer for people of different nations.

On the right side of the painting "In peace and harmony with nature" is not dead, and dark-skinned boy in the center, gathered around him children around the world to rejoice the tree of life.

All dance and sing, alive and well, genocide, war ended.

The second picture — The Children of the World Dream of Peace.

According to the author of the picture, it is necessary to consider the right-to-left. Scary soldiers in a gas mask with a sword and gun destroys home, leaving children without homes.

In the lower-right corner shows the leaf, which shows a poem Hama Herchenberg (Ama Erkenberg?), A Jewish girl who died December 18, 1943 in Auschwitz.

I once was a little child

who longed for other worlds.

But I am no more a child

for I have known fear.

I have learned to hate …

How tragic, then, is youth

which lives with enemies,

with gallows ropes.

Yet, I still believe

I only sleep today.

That I'll wake up

a child again,

and start to

laugh and play. »

I translate as best I can, do not shoot the pianist:

One day, I was a little kid

who wanted a different world

but I am no longer a child

because I experienced the fear,

I learned to hate …

How awful after adolescence,

to live with the enemy

with gallows

But I still believe

I'm just a sleep-

And I wake up one day

And I'll start to laugh and play

The second part of the left — the kind kids got killed brutally terrible soldier and a German boy (by the way, I do not understand, from which it is clear that he is German?) Forges a plow from a soldier's sword.

Curiously, if we consider the picture from left to right, you can see a German boy, forging a sword gray soldier, after which he woke up and went to break the sword of the building. But this is my speculation.

The general idea that those who believe in the conspiracy people see in this whole series of paintings — reducing the population of mankind through wars, genocide and build a new life on the ruins of the old. Another interesting place — the last stone of the terminal with a time capsule laid by Freemasons. Capsule to be opened in 2094, the year.

At the bottom of the stone mentioned some New World Airport Commission. Conspiracy theorists gleefully rubbing their hands at the sight of the words «New World". Argue that the commission had never existed. In fact, the organization suit the opening ceremony of the airport. Well, a few things that are often mentioned in conspiracy theories around the Denver airport.

1) Despite the fact that Denver — one of the flattest cities in the United States, during the construction of the airport was evacuated amount of land equal to one third of it, taken out during the construction of the Panama Canal. That led some to believe that airports have huge unused space. Argued that workers carrying luggage, report that tunnels through which they are able to travel without problems to pass through a full-size truck. Also, somewhere there is information that were first built some strange five buildings, which are then recognized "built incorrectly," and instead, to their carry them covered with earth.

Here still add a gigantic area occupied by the airport, and all of it is concluded that under the Denver airport is a non-secret military base, not something secret concentration camp, not a giant shelter. American secret underground military bases exploring separate branch of the conspiracy.

2) One of the reason for the construction of a new airport expansion Stapleton called impossibility. However, the new airport gates less than Stapleton.

However, first, under the extension was understood primarily an increase in the length of the runway, and secondly, there are plans to build another two DIA concourse, in addition to the three already available.

3) There are rumors that the powers that be, in particular, the British royal family, incognito buy property near the airport.

Documentary evidence of this, of course, not.

4) On one of the plates coated with the notation Au Ag (that is to say, gold, silver). Some people believe in conspiracy talk about what is meant AUstralian AntiGen, scary megavirus that will poison people in the dungeons DIA. Generally speaking, the Australia antigen, firstly, not the virus as an antigen against hepatitis B virus, which in turn causes the death of only 5-10% of the cases.

5) On the other plate is written DZIT DIT GAII. Some see this as something German. In fact, in the Navajo language means "White Mountain." Also on the floor you can find the inscription Sisnaajini. Sisnaajini also means "White Mountain", is the name given to the very specific Mount Blanca. (Yes, Colorado has a Mont Blanc

6) In the baggage hall statues of gargoyles sitting in a suitcase. It looks scary, but the gargoyle set at Catholic churches for a long time. It is believed that the gargoyle guarding the building from hell or something like that. At the airport, clearly signed, gargoyles planted for keeping luggage.

Konstantin Shramchevsky


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