Digest: FAP, the MFC and the fire station

Modular medical and health post in the village began to work Mitryaeva (Rep. of Tatarstan). The room is heated by gas, there are telephone, all utilities, installed fire and security alarm systems. A treatment room, a medical assistant is combined with children's and obstetric offices, there are sanitary, utility room, a waiting room for visitors. FAP equipped with all the necessary equipment and medical instruments.

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In the village of Kersey (Novosibirsk region). Opened a separate post fire station number 114. Kirzinsky separate fire post will cover the territory of 8 municipalities and 14 communities with a total population of 9654 people. Previously, the closest fire station was located in the administrative center of the district. The new building of the fire station was built in less than a year. The building is located facilities necessary for the life of fire protection, traffic control and technique.

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Total departmental target program "Fire safety in the Novosibirsk region for the period 2011-2013" provides for the opening of 29 fire stations. In particular, to ensure the maximum protection of human settlements in Orda region in the near future will create another post in the Upper Irmenskom municipality. It is also planned to open each year about 20 mobile stations, mainly in the areas of the region. Besides increasing the number of volunteer fire brigades. To date, the number of volunteers is 4630 people. Before the year is planned to increase the number of volunteers to 10,000.

In the west of Moscow has opened a new MFC government services. In the same building are concentrated offices of many state and local government agencies. There you can get a passport and a certificate of re-planning of apartments, enroll your child in kindergarten and to issue various manuals. There is a "waiting room" with monitors electronic queue, Internet access, payment terminals installed and running notary. Now the capital of two dozen such centers and about fifty open until the end of the year.

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