Disinfectants for surgery based on glyoxal developed in Tomsk

The joint venture of two of Tomsk universities — public and health — has developed the first in the Russian domestic product based on glyoxal, which is designed for disinfection of endoscopes, the drug will be cheaper than their foreign counterparts, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the company's director Alexey Sazonov.

"These funds based on glyoxal exist, but they have no cheap imitations. Our facility is cheaper because it is based on Russian raw materials. Hospitals will be able to have a product with the same quality for less money," — said Sazonov.

He noted that the drug has already been approved disinfectology Epidemiology Institute, and is certified in early 2014 to go on sale. This is the first project of "Aldomed" in the areas of health, previous researchers have developed and launched the disinfectant for livestock production — is also based on glyoxal. 

Head of the Central Research Laboratory of the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) Alexander Bajkov told RIA Novosti that the creation of such funds is problematic: they must disinfect quality to be safe for humans and not to harm made of rubber, glass and plastic devices.

"Most disinfectants are now based on peracetic acid. They are disinfected, but part of the product are aggressive. Moreover, to remove the vehicle from the instruments necessary for any lotions, perfumes, and if the tool itself is a little bit, then get together quite expensive. So my attitude to the development of positive: economical, non-toxic and domestic "- said the bike.

An employee of the laboratory studies of catalytic TSU

In 2009 the production opened in Tomsk glyoxal, a substance of high purity with a broad spectrum of action and non-toxic to humans, and Russia became the eighth country in the world that owns the technology of synthesis of the substance. The company "Aldomed" was established in 2011 with the participation of the TSU and the SSMU.

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