Dnipro on the brink of ecological disaster: the river can become dirty swamp

Dnipro on the brink of ecological disaster: the river can become dirty swamp

Dnieper River ecosystem threatens ecological disaster that can be prevented by developing, in the near future, at the regional and state level special environmental programs to rescue the river, scientists believe Dnipropetrovsk.

, Told a press conference, Director of the Institute of Natural Resources and Ecology of the NAS of Ukraine, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Arkady Shapar, after the construction of the Dnieper cascade reservoirs into a lake, and may soon become muddy swamp.

One way to save the river scientist calls the demolition of all the dams on the Dnieper.

"The problem with the river Dnepr did not come in one day. When built a cascade of reservoirs, the river turned into a lake. Now it turns into a swamp, and if nothing is done, we get a global environmental catastrophe. Admittedly, by building dams, the then government made a big mistake. wanted a big economic impact, but the opposite happened. now need is a bug fix and take down the dam. Slowly but surely all. necessary at the state level to adopt a program of gradual return to the natural ecosystem of the Dnieper bed "- said Shapar.

It also believes that the reservoirs are ineffective and need to be lowered.

According to head of the Department of Ecology Dnieper Academy of Construction and Architecture, Doctor of Biology Gregory Shmatkova, Dnieper already lost a river, and without addressing the Dnieper soon be lost and as a pond, Interfax-Ukraine.

"Man-made and man-made pollution of the river Dnieper and its basin is global. Scientists know how to solve this problem, especially since there are international developments, but they do not hear. Needed at the regional and national level to develop specific environmental programs to rescue the Dnieper and begin implement them, or after a few decades, we get at the river, and a dirty swamp, "- he said.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, environmentalists are seriously concerned about the situation with the quality of drinking water in Ukraine and expressed the need to change the state policy in the field of water management.

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