Dogfight: from craft to art

Dogfight: from craft to art

Another 30 years back our fellow citizens and had never heard about the Russian unarmed combat. Russian Sambo had about Japanese karate already knew. And about the Russian — no. Only the dashing 90's, which became a fertile time for folk art, the light hatched countless "Russian style". And not all were sham, many serious shape in the school. Specifically, the efforts of professionals in these schools, always enthusiastic, committed their own way, we learned that "… as the fighting in Russia …". And now, it is unlikely there will be unsure of what the Russian fist fight — it is a reality, and that our forefathers were competitive fighters of all time. The question of the existence of the Russian fighter's tradition, I think, can be considered solved. Who disputes historians and martial arts fans fled in a different direction: Was the school? Can you talk about the Russian fighting skill, and is about art? Were master of unarmed combat? Were there any social institutions whose purpose was to train specialists in melee?

Be sure that when we speak about art, assumes the existence of the school. School is a master. I have a Master's students, more of whom are developing monolingual school. Oriental legends and legends definitely indicate that there, in China, the land of the rising sun, and Korea were the Master, and schools. How is Russia?

Russian practiced since time immemorial fist fight, what is considered as a people of tradition and part of our national culture. But pugilism hardly can be called art, in its relation Alexander Belov suggests the term "martial craft." And indeed: fistfight — a phenomenon common as a sport at the moment. Is sport can be art? Master sports and martial arts master — is fundamentally different concepts. First reflects a purely technical skill when the second — and even the level of spiritual development. In addition, the very technical skill in sports and martial arts are different. That's take, for example, karate. Modern non-contact karate, which became a sport, is focusing on the development of speed. You need a speed and ease of movement to beat the competitor and get points. Orthodox Karate — the art of the 1st hit, as is the condition for a real fight. In Okinawan peasant had only one chance in a fight with a samurai. Cause and skill needed here is quite different, because the technical skill is always dictated by the criteria of battle. And sports, as you know, — a mass of conventions. So Makar, combat art, at first, tied to the task of real combat. Because it is and fighting.

The term "art" is used when the expected development of some stairs, that "the way to the top," which, of course, endless, because there is no limit. Art, unlike crafts, grinds aspects, there is no detail, because without details will not be the standard. A standard — this is the purpose of art. That's why artisans can be a huge amount, but they are not in the middle of the Masters is not so little. Few people are able to craft a reincarnate art.

Popular tradition melee could not create a martial art. Nowhere. Neither we, nor the East. And this is completely understandable explanation. People practicing fist fight and struggle as a valiant FUN, as a means of display of strength, boldness and character. They were the implements of education and hardening, but is not the main form of activity. And so, of course, was a craft. In other words skill was needed to maintain a certain fitness and demonstrate the possibility of resistance, as the principal indicator of viability. Art of unarmed combat peasant was no good. Then, perhaps, it would have to Prof. warriors? After all, in the old days close combat role in combat missions was basic.

Are there any mention in historical sources about the techniques of unarmed combat demonstration Russian Knights aerobatic team? Not owning a cool tool, not a physical manifestation of strength, speed and other properties, namely smart, spent artificially created especially reception? Such references are. Let's turn to the Chronicle.

In the year 6579 (1071). … At one point during the famine in the Rostov region were two wise men from Yaroslavl, saying that de we know who holds the supplies. And they went up on the Volga and wherever you come to the churchyard, where they called authoritative wives. saying that corn is hiding, and that — honey, and that — the fish, and that — fur. And it led to their own sisters, mothers and wives of their own. Magi just to fool people, cut through his shoulder and was taken out from there, or corn, or fish, and killed many wives, and their property was taken away for themselves. They came to the White-lake, and it was with them three people.

At this time happened to Yen, scion Vyshatinu, collecting tribute, come from Prince Svyatoslav; Belozertcev told him that the two magician has destroyed a lot of women on the Volga and Sheksna and came here. Yan also made inquiry whose smerdy, and knew that they smerdy his prince, sent to the people who were near the wise men, and said to them: "Give me two wise men, since they are both smerdy my and my prince."

They did not listen. Yan as he went, without guns, although he read as little children to him, "Do not go without a weapon, you have defiled." He also commanded the young men, and take the gun with twelve lads went to them to the forest. They ispolchilis against him. And then, when Yan went to them with an ax, made their three spouses, approached to Yen, telling him, "See that you go to destroy it — do not go."

Yan had given orders to destroy them and went to the left. They rushed to Yan, and some of them swung at Jana ax, but missed. Yan same turnover ax hit that butt and ordered the young men to cut their …

Let's analyze this passage. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the chronicler is not quite accurate in its description, so this scene can be viewed from different angles.

So, Yan was armed with a hatchet, ax which brought down the 1st of the attackers. And there's a lot of implicit and unknown. On the one hand, the chronicler shows that "Yan as he went, without weapons," but here writes: "Yan went to them with a hatchet …" it would be completely understandable if Yan really took off all the weapon as a sign of peaceful purposes . So Makar, masking their true purpose role of truce, Yan has the ability to get to themselves the instigators of the rebellion. But that's what the point is to throw all the weapons and remain only with the "ax"?

Next comes the most exciting: the rebels rush to the hero. And the chronicler does not show us the number of attackers, but we are obviously here litsezreem episode melee on a "one against all", so familiar to fans Zasechnyj fight. Exclusively as opposed to sports models, we have before us a piece of real fight on liquidation.

Look at how the action develops. Rogue hit with an ax, ".. but he missed." Why is that? I totally would have realized if the modern city dweller, on vacation in my grandmother's village, determined to chop wood, instead of the logs would get to his knee. But for every smerda ax — one of the main tools. And at this point the village men, accustomed from infancy to compress the ax in his hand, make using this tool, you can say, jewelry work. You can only miss was in this case, if Yan dodged!

Until now, the skill navigate the site slopes and evasion technique in h
and to hand combat is considered the base. And at the moment the soldiers Zasechnaya school as the main maneuver fulfill avoiding simultaneous attack of the three attackers. And in those days when warriors fought with axes and swords, in general, there was nothing to do in the fight to those who do not know how to go on strike. And Yan shows this skill as "excellent."

Dogfight: from craft to art

But then we can imagine a variety of scenarios. We can recall the most "hatchet", which was at Yan with a beginning. And, of course, you can imagine exactly what it Yan "Turnover" to butt incapacitate the assailant … Basically, it's technically quite easy. But in this case not understandable logic events. If Yan "take language" — is another matter. But after all the action takes place, so that all zateyschiki rebellion indulge in destruction, and those who attacked Yan, according to his orders were cut to pieces of boys, secretly followed his commander. So why then wrap the "hatchet"?

I dare to imagine that the "hatchet" and no one turns around. Pay attention that the chronicler, pointing to the instrument Yan, states that he was armed with a particular "ax", and when the states of the robbers attacked, writes about the ax kick. And specifically ax Yan and wraps. And in this case, everything falls into place, so we litsezreem beautiful and very spectacular demonstration of combat skills, perfected. Not in vain creator chronicles first states that Yan is going to camp robbers without guns. Yan — Prof. soldier, the son of the prince of Rostov governor. The man, apparently, not only great courage, and the media, indeed, unique features, honed to a high level. It is astonishing composure and confidence with which he sails away to camp robbers. The fact that he did not take a gun, goes only for the fact that he was fully convinced of his victory over the enemy. He — soldier, and they — smerdy. And do not win filthy peasant warriors, even if he was unarmed, after all, a duck with a gun is not a hunter. Yan knows that the instrument is valid only in experienced hands, and the hands of the master, and without guns are the weapon.

Yan does a really complicated technical action worthy of the master. It "wraps" the ax against the enemy to blow his own gun. Specifically, due to the specifics of technical acts have an ax blow, not a blade. After the blade is just something used against Jana!

You know, to be honest, when I see a demonstration of this kind of modern methods of melee, it occurs to me that it is very spectacular, to be close to reality. And the soldiers, sportsmen me usvoyut. But pochetaemye, do not be so skeptical! Yan had to deal with not similar to themselves, and with dependents, contempt to which he was so great that he went to the axes without guns. And the beat! Defeated because the difference in the level of preparation for fighting with them was a huge (which is actually a sport does not happen).

Unfortunately, we can only assume on the technical nature of the techniques employed are, well, not up to the mass the chronicler of such details: he himself was not a witness of the events. Well, even if I had, it is unlikely to realize something. Not in vain, and now demonstrations in unarmed combat techniques are demonstrated in slow motion in advance, so unsophisticated audience could understand what was happening. All the same, the chronicler wrote with someone else's words "Turnover ax hit that butt …". In other words, quite accurately pointed out the essence of the reception. Where could he know? Apparently, he wrote down what people read as that imprinted in people's minds, and means startled him. Feat Jana (otherwise his act can not be called in-truth, anti-terrorist operation!) Made a great memory not only for thieves forest, and on his own young men who followed him secretly and become witnesses of what happened. Oh, they understand what an action which made their commander, they became a source of popular rumors, telling people how to cope with the robber Yan.

By the way, let's not forget the fact that the rioters was the number three, and Yan leaves at their den under the cover of only 12 young men who honorably do their role, leaving the minions of the unequal struggle. Fans Zasechnyj fight certainly take advantage of these facts as indisputable proof that our forefathers — warriors possessed specific skills of confrontation with the superior forces of the enemy. Here it is — Zasechnyj battle in action!

So, what's all the same. We found the master professional. We are led, and the social environment, which is directly interested in the cultivation of art of unarmed combat. Specifically, art, because the skill level of fighters determines it to live tomorrow or not. But as the school? Was the martial arts school?

School presupposes a system design principles, their continuity, as well as the association of masters — the carriers of the system. Neuzh that all of this was not? Of course, it was. The turnaround is contrary to common sense. It's one thing fistfight where quite in order to "grandfather showed her grandson," and he repeated, as realized. Mastered, not mastered — a matter of personal intrigued, well and pay attention to one aspect will not. Not much. Another thing — the squad. Combat unit, similar to the modern special forces troops, where the actions of the 1st depends on the overall success. Here without proficiency in other words, without schools, are indispensable. Squad and was the social institution where the art of unarmed combat was necessary and, accordingly, was cultivated.

The brigade had a complex structure, its specific hierarchy in need of spices in various fields to be produced by "uncle" or an instructor in a modern way. Neuzh someone will refute that combat units do not need to be a master of martial arts? Is sniping — not art? At the level of the regular sniper rifle division, where SVD — this group tool to cover up the actions of the group at large distances, with a sniper rifle, of course, trade. But the sniper special forces, for example, Counterterrorism Division, confidently pronounce that sniping — it is art. It is not only shooting technique, math calculations, analysis, it is also a psychology, lifestyle, outlook, if you will. At this level, sniping is a martial art. And close-handed fight. Every combat unit in need of spices — Melee, over time, the school forms the melee.

Only school can guarantee a certain result, as it has developed methodology and applets. When we read the description of labor and litsezreem that great Russian squad beats like "lava", and in close formation, which means that she is able to do it and has wide experience of combat. And this experience must somehow analyzed, stored, multiply, and based on it should be based training programm young replenishment exercises conducted in the end. Because without it can not in principle be fighting unit. A means a school, including school hand combat, so as warrior NEVER shared fight naked arms and fight with the use of cool guns. This is for athletes there is a "dogfight", "knife fight" and so on. And for the army is "a system of close combat", which examines all of the methods to defeat the enemy rather short distance, and there is no separation on the instruments of defeat, as it is not in a real fight.

Naturally, there was a school. And there were Masters, genuine, worthy to be an example not only to his contemporaries, and for us. Russ familiar martial art, but the fact that it is currently in
the shadows, not replicated, not turned into a product for the consumer — and it's true: true art is the lot of a narrow circle of professionals who need it for their professor occupation, by their social and historical role, their vocation …

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