DVZhD actively updating locomotives

electric locomotive series 2ES5K "Ermak"

locomotive "Hero"

locomotive TEM-7A

locomotive TEM-18DM

Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern Branch of OJSC "Russian Railways") in the last 5 years (from 2008 to 2012 inclusive) received 321 new locomotive. In 2013, for these purposes more than 6,260,000,000 rubles. Turnpike receive a total of 72 new locomotives:

  • 25 electric locomotives 2ES5K "Ermak"
  • 11 locomotives "Hero" (2TE25A and 2TE25A)
  • 6 diesel locomotive TEM-7A
  • 30 diesel locomotive TEM-18DM.


Since the beginning of 2013 in locomotive maintenance depot has already received 4 locomotive "Hero", 2 electric "Ermak" and 10 shunting locomotives TEM18DM. Thanks to the investment program of the fleet of freight locomotives in 2013 will consist entirely of two-and three-section locomotives "Ermak" proven to work with high weight loads. Is being purchased and new locomotives to run on the Baikal-Amur Mainline. The first batch of domestic locomotive with asynchronous drive "Hero", designed for heavy haul driving in extreme weather conditions, was admitted in 2011. After successful tests held a demonstration ride a freight train weighing 6 tons in the direction Vaninsko-Sovgavanskogo transport hub at the head of a new locomotive. "Hero" was better than its predecessor in every way. More powerful and fuel-efficient engines allow him to drive a train through a small radius curves and passes without dividing composition, which has a positive effect on the capacity and carrying capacity of the Northern latitudinal, said service corporate communications DVZhD.

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