E. coli E. coli found in the neighborhood with Ukraine

E. coli E. coli found in the neighborhood with Ukraine

Sanitary inspection of Poland recorded the first case of infection by bacterial strain E. coli. The bacterium was found in 29-year-old woman, who a few days ago came from Germany, where she resides.

The woman was taken to hospital on May 23. In the same hospital in Greater Poland are two men with symptoms of intestinal infection.

German authorities said on June 6 that the outbreak of intestinal infection in Europe could cause the bean sprouts from local greenhouses.

As reported MIGnews.com.ua, that Ukraine will strengthen border controls on the import of vegetables from the European Union. Russia also banned imports for vegetable products from Europe.

May 31 the Minister of Health in the government of Hamburg, Cornelia Prüfer Shtroks said that the Spanish cucumbers are not the source of acute intestinal infection, from which Germany has 14 people died.

Earlier Spanish production was considered the culprit infection that hit 1.2 thousand Germans. Now the source of infection should be sought again. In Ukraine, while infection was detected.

Now, with the assistance of WHO, conducted an intensive investigation to establish the source of the outbreak, which has not yet been determined. WHO, in accordance with the International Health Regulations, continuously informs the Member States of the latest developments and provides technical recommendations for further investigation of the outbreak of a dangerous disease.

Previously reported that the type of E. coli that caused the outbreak in Western Europe, is a new, previously unknown to science strain.

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