Ekoaktivistam denied a referendum on the extraction of nickel at Voronezh

The Council of People's Deputies Novokhopersk Voronezh region rejected the petition ekoaktivistov on in a referendum that would allow the public to know the ratio of the development of nickel deposits, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the head of the administration of the municipal district of Peter Vovnyakov.

Information about what to Novokhopersk area will be developed nickel deposits, since last spring caused numerous protests that took place in the town, the regional capital and neighboring cities, including — Volgograd region. The protesters believe that the nickel industry will lead to an environmental disaster in the region: to make the barren soil will harm the river Hopper and the nearby nature reserve, home to the Red Book of the Russian desman.

Earlier it was reported that in mid-December 2012 the initiative group of residents Novokhopersk district filed a motion to hold a referendum, which will answer the question: Do the residents of the development located on its territory nickel deposits. The question of holding a referendum was decided on Tuesday, January 29, at the session of the Council of People's Deputies Novokhopersk district.

"In accordance with Article 131 of the federal law, it is not our mandate. Nedra do not belong to the district. It's up to the Russian government, the state," — said Vovnyakov.

According to him, the petition was rejected by the activists.

Ekoaktivist Nelly Rudchenko confirmed RIA Novosti that the deputies refused the request. Rudchenko added that ekoaktivisty morning picketed outside the district administration and the Board of Deputies.

"UMMC at the deposits while no work was started," — added Rudchenko.

As the environmental movement, "In Defense Khoper 'refusal to hold a referendum will be received by a group during the week and then challenged in court. Ekoaktivisty considered unconstitutional ban Novokhopersk district population in the decision, from which depends the fate of all its inhabitants.

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