Emerged from the forest to feed elk or not scare, says expert

Elk that come out of the forest to the city, do not feed or scare, they go back to the forest, according to Deputy Director for Research of the National Park "Elk Island" Faith Kiselyov.

On Wednesday morning, elk took a walk on the suburban town Shchelkovo. In addition, in May in Moscow's Sokolniki were several elk, some people even reported the whole family.

"Do not be put to the elk, leave him alone, he would stand and leave. Should not try to feed him biscuits, do not chase him, frighten, just to respect the right to self-determination of elk, he will understand where he is better. Moose are not aggressive They will not come back to the first person ever. Another thing, if elk in the playground is, you can ask the janitor to throw him a broom, "- said Kiselev RIA Novosti.

According to the expert, the yield of moose in the city due to the fact that they are very mobile animals and often make long jumps.

"Land of moose habitat thousand acres, his sedentary life. If there is no fence, it goes on, the city was not very confusing, yet it does not suit a raid," — she added.

National Park "Elk Island" was established in 1983. Its area is 125 square kilometers, including 30 — within limits of Moscow, where it borders, including with the area Sokolniki. National park consists of six parks, which are growing 92 species of higher fungi, 69 species of mosses, 78 species of lichens, 700 species of higher plants. The park is home to 45 species of mammals, 180 species of birds, 14 species of amphibians and reptiles, 18 species of fish.

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