End of the world 2012. As catastrophe

In the Mayan prophecy for 2012 on December 21, said no further … Will be a unique astronomical event, galactic eclipse, when our sun comes between the earth and the center of the galaxy, and hide us from the source of the mind … The last time this event was 26,000 years ago …

Possess this information, not all Indians without exception, and only dedicated. In present-day Mexico, it has become fashionable to speak the language of Nahuatl Indians and speak with the New Age style. But this is not, is another matter and respect the traditions of the Indians living knowledge. It still exists today, where they continue carving stelae, as it lasted for centuries.

However, the most surprising — the brightness of the ancient fire altars, which once had been given by the gods. The fire has millennia of history, throughout all this time, it is constantly maintained, it is believed that in this way and pass knowledge from generation to generation.

To this day, they are still alive, who are called the Keepers of days — Ah-Kin. They are the ones that focus on the knowledge of the ancient Mayan calendar, which only twenty — full calendar system. Fairly common misconception which confused Calendar 13 — baktun (prophetic) including 5125 year period up to December 21, 2012 and the 260-day Tzolkin calendar. Before our time came the custom according to which the keepers days give their children names from the book, perform the baptism.

Calendar 13 baktun by and large, is prophetic.

Most recently, George Lazarev wrote his first book "The Mystery of the Sacred Mayan Calendar", which is a practical guide to the Mayan calendar, in particular the Tzolkin, although references to other calendars, such as the Haab. With this book, you can figure out how to translate some of the dates in the Gregorian Indian, what is their value, which means day of the week. The thing is that the Indian week consists of 13 rather than taken out of 7 days, where each ordered individual value, as well as any of the twenty characters in the calendar. The number 20 is the number of fingers in humans (hands and feet), has a name Winnick Hung, translated by one person.

The ideal values of the Mayan people was actually the man himself. By the way 260 — denotes term pregnancy. That's why the Indians call people "beings of nine stars, moons, or nine" — nine months pregnant.

George Lazarev met with other scientists who study the cosmos. During his art exhibition, there were a lot of scientists, including astrophysicists. According to him, among those present were the classic academics, communication with them is difficult due to the fact that in the main they have developed only one hemisphere, and with a broad view of things, is not the first time you heard about the date of December 21, 2012. They told Lazarus of precession, the galactic center and the different sides of Astronomy, opening his eyes to the things that he could only guess.

Considering any program astronomical plan, show how it happens. For example, what is the name of the precession? Astrology describes the precession of the offset according to the sign in the interval -1 ° 72, the vernal equinox. Astrological charts today have differences with the existing movement mechanics heaven about 30 °. This is because modern astrology is based on the fact that the vernal equinox is fixed permanently at 0 ° Aries.
The so-called 'mental model, the rest of the Sumerians and adopted as dogma. The Hindus have schools sidereal astrology that focus on the moon and does not mention parking December 21, 2012. Great science of astronomy. At this point, open any program astronomical nature, you can see that the time of the vernal equinox, when the sun rises in the sign of Pisces instead of Aries. Only about 2700, a sign change from Pisces to Aquarius, ushering in an era of Aquarius. However, the exact date will not be able to call anyone. Land, is a part of space in which everything is in a crazy move, and constantly moving.

The concept of time loses all there utilitarian sense, much less linear time.

Mayan world view was so widespread that they have looked at all the things are not as terrestrial observers, watching the passage of the sun on the ecliptic, and by observers from space. And when you understand celestial mechanics in this perspective, it comes completely different vision. Mayans knew very well that even the ecliptic is 13 characters, not 12. However, residents of the West decided it was not so easy, because the circle has 360 ° divided by 12 without remainder, and 13 not suitable for such a system. So 12 — a mental construct, but not in any way our biological value. And Maya, on the contrary believed thirteenth zodiac sign as a basis for the mystery.

Connection to the center of the galaxy, according to the Indians, is in the constellation Ophiuchus, called them bat in astrological concepts are 9 ° Sagittarius. Most astrologers these 9 ° is taken as the center point of the galaxy, but in reality, there is the constellation of Ophiuchus, between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is the first portal. Location of the second portal in the constellation Orion, between Taurus and Gemini. Thus, the Milky Way is in contact with the Zodiac. Sam Milky Way galaxy is opening the so-called galactic astrology. The knowledge that existed in the age of Pisces, for now presumed dead. According to Lazarev discussion on appropriate and inappropriate signs, favorable or unfavorable moments, is a medieval metaphysics, like, that — this person is bad, and that is good. The modern world is not part of the circle, does not meet the ecliptic. All the space — this is our home. This is true knowledge, at the present time, The heart of all living on planet Earth.

George Lazarev this ancient depth of knowledge, such as astronomy and astrology, but, at the same time, he also enjoys art — music and painting. An unusual combination that brings is creativity?

In the words of the Lazarev, whose exhibition recently held at "Jaguar," which presented the paintings made in different styles: abstract, landscapes reality, expressionism, it was a spontaneous act. Beauty was not the motivation. The appearance of the picture George compares the birth child. He says that when he started writing his paintings, it is completely immersed in the small state faces. For him, it is important to understand Genesis, every moment of it. From the words of the Lazarev, involvement in creative work, such a state is quite easy to reach, always and everywhere, now and here. So it's all of them characterized. Every moment is lived on the verge of death and life. George admires the process and thankful to God for what he has the opportunity to express themselves in this way.

George Lazarev told that the music he performs in a variety of styles: jazz, classical, and even heavy metal, of course, if necessary. He compares himself to a session musician. He is invited or in concert or in the studio. From the words of the Lazarev, no need to explain to him how to play here, and that's not here to play, and then a spot of oily fish. He comes in and just makes his music.

Indians did not have it at this state influence? Every person who is engaged in creation, must feel like state. Why wait until some man will give you the money for the fixation was made. You have to do what you want at this time to express.

George Lazarev fully agree with this, in his words, specialization — a lot of insects. Laughing, he said that the talented people around to be talented. According to Lazarev, inspired his Indians is this. Toltec and Maya — this is not just the name of people, synonyms, their words — a creative person, a creator. Toltec, that's what it means — is a builder, artist, creator, creator of emerald jewelry, the master kanji weaver.

George believes that compose a calendar that mentions December 21, 2012, could not be "cracker" scientist, but only the one who impregnated creativity. Of course, the characters are difficult place to be, but for the most part, the characters depicted are simple — the elements, animals.

It is the matter of the fine, such as energy. From the words of the Lazarev, if we said that the energy of yours, that's so and so, then our brain such information would be perceived. And that's when, for example, comes a day Wind or Jaguar, it feels compared and perceived that man.

December 21, 2012 — quantum transition is his age.

Lazarev wish those who are destined to live in the era of quantum transition that people finally realized, for what on earth they are intended mission. Why they are destined to live it at the time. Man must think in a new way, it is necessary to live in a new era.

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