End of the world 2012.

End of the World 2012 short induct:

All of humanity, no doubt, greatly worried by the fact that the Mayan calendar end date of December 21, 2012, and all interested in the question: Is this the end of the world?

Will the end of the world? Do we wait for the apocalypse in 2012?

At present, the world is going on a real madness at the end of the world 2012 — the question on everyone: "Will the world end in 2012?"

Decide to do this, and we analyzed the opinions of scholars, the most ancient, Sumerian and other theorists:
Let's deal first:

In 2010, two films under the name "Apocalypse" and "2012", the idea soon caught the writers, and decided to make good money on it, producing such books as:

"Apocalypse 2012: The scientific study of the end of civilization", "The Revolution of 2012: Preparation," "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" and others.

Naturally the public picked up on this idea and started a general panic, which is based on the fact that the Mayan calendar end date of December 21, 2012. But I hasten to inform you right away that this is not the Mayan calendar end date, and end the era of "Fifth Sun", and behind it is to begin the era of "Sixth Sun": according to research, "The Fifth Sun", which began on 13 August 3113 BC, was last 5126 years, and the last day of the "era": December 21, 2012, based on this panic.

What will happen in 2012. Predictions:

Now people are concerned about the basic question: how did the ancient Mayan generally took their number system of the time and dividing it by cycles? People are divided into two classes: one screaming that it's all nonsense, that end of the world will not, others at the time, saying that perhaps it is not true, but still it's scary.

Of course such a worldwide event, it is not only scary, but also leads to some thinking, "What?" — Until one answer: wait for the next era of the Mayan calendar — "The sixth era of the Creation," or "Sixth Sun".
Who is to blame for the end of the world?

Author of "Apocalypse 2012: The scientific study of the end of civilization," Joseph Lawrence:

The solar system will die because of the "Eclipse" in the central part of the Milky Way or the second version: Earth deviates from its axis and begin random motion of Space Universe.

Author of the book "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" by Daniel Pinchbeck believes that:

Planet Earth offers the strongest volcanic eruptions, strong tidal waves, and earthquakes, from which half of the "Earth" will be destroyed.

Author of "The Revolution of 2012: Preparation" Andrew Smith and his theory:

Planet of the expected recovery of the balance between men and women, the transition to a completely different person, the degree of philosophy, and as a consequence, humanity recognizes that science, such as: "Physics", "biology", "chemistry" — are not consistent and are not complete.

Alexander Filatov, the designer of the Federal Nuclear Center, Sarov, uchtverzhdaet:

Far from Earth will be Nibiru, aka Planet X, which will cause the displacement of the poles, which arise as a result of the Flood ipolnoe climate change.
Peter James and Nick Thorpe, University of California:

The two scientists say that the earth is faced with an asteroid, perhaps even a series of asteroids.
Astronomers of the end of the world:

Astronomers claim that "the world did not yet threaten"

Josip Valentine, head of the astronomy of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg:

— The principle of any calendar is arranged as follows: record the motion of planets around the sun. The more accurate the data obtained on the motion of celestial bodies, the more accurate chronology. We have the most modern equipment, in contrast to the ancient tribes who did not know much. Also, we follow all the comets and asteroids, so we know all about the celestial bodies that come close to Earth in the next ten years. And with all the responsibility that the Earth is not threatened by anything.

Astrologers believe that:

"There can be destructive processes"

Boris PYASIK, Astrologer:

-"December 12, 2012 (9 days prior to the date of December 21, 2012) — this is the day when the configuration of the heavens up not easy. This is the last day of the lunar month, which is considered "satanic": there is a connection with Black Moon of Jupiter, the planet of negative karma, and there is intense planetary aspect of Pluto and Uranus. In addition, this will occur at a time when Uranus changes direction, which is fraught with severe destructive processes. I do not know whether that date will be the "last day of Pompeii," but, apparently, it will cause a lot of trouble. "
Mathematician and physicist says:

"We can only guess"

Vladimir Pakhomov, mathematician, physicist and former researcher at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, author of "The Message to the Unborn":

— "The Mayan calendar became known due to the fact that they have been put into practice all the settlements stelae — stone pillars, which makes recording important events with the date. Descriptions of his Mayan calendar we have left. So, maybe it was this description but tens of thousands of manuscripts were burned Mayan Catholic monks. Only stone steles preserved. Therefore, we can only make different assumptions about their calendar system. For example, the myth of precision Mayan calendar does not substantiated. When indicates accuracy calendar, recording the number of days in year, up to ten decimal places, do not believe. Calendar — this is not a chronometer. smallest amount in any calendar — one day. And to measure smaller quantities of time clocks and stopwatches are used. "
Our view:

After studying more than one book, and teaching, we concluded that the most the most threatening version — a version of the approach of Nibiru, and that the writing on the "plate" Mayan

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