End of the world of animal viruses

In the next five years on humanity may strike a disease transmitted from animals and kill their victims. We are in for a real Armageddon, experts believe.

Symptoms of the disease appear suddenly with severe headaches, high fever, aches in the joints, stomach cramps and vomiting. Then the disease progresses, causing the formation of large bruises on the body and non-healing, bleeding ulcers. At least 30% of the hemorrhagic fever Crimean-Congo is fatal to their victims, says Medikforum.

Recently in the medical center of London Royal Free Hospital, died 38-year old owner of an automobile repair shop Glasgow, which contracted the disease, having gone to a wedding brother in Afghanistan. Haemorrhagic fever, Crimean-Congo is widespread among domestic and wild animals in Africa and Asia. In this case, a natural barrier between animals and humans have been violated, and the illness struck the man.

But this is not the first time such amazing acts of nature. Last month, 49-year-old man was admitted to hospital St Thomas' hospital in London with all the classic symptoms of the deadly SARS virus, which killed more than 1,000 people in 2003. However, further analysis showed that this was not pneumonia. What is the sick man? And modern medicine does not even have a name for this disease — doctors faced with it the first time! We can only guess where he had picked up, and how many people they infect.

Get one more frightening evidence that animal viruses can move from our little people. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary Hospital and the University of London, believes that the world can expect a large-scale pandemic virus of animal origin in humans within the next five years. And its consequences in the life of the human race will be catastrophic.


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