Entrepreneur of the crippled Svetlahorsk again proved guilty

Today Svetlogorskij district court convicted a second time a local businesswoman Lily Lagutin. Crippled woman police again found guilty of resistance and violence over the four guards and sentenced restraint without direction to correctional facilities.

Lagutin"It's not a fair decision — definitely. We will continue to fight. Human rights activists will help me to write an appeal to Gomel. And we will continue to work to prosecuted those responsible for all this. "

It is not a fair solution — definitely. We will continue to fight.

The criminal case against Ms. Lagutin brought after she complained to the district prosecutor's office that the police crippled her hand during the arrest of her husband. The woman says that waved a bag to the police behind. One of the officers has turned her hand so that doctors later pronounced not only dislocated, but the turning point.

The police, however, did not call "ambulance", and drove Lagutin "deal" in the police department.

Appear in business documents that after the incident, one of the policemen was a bruise on his face. District Prosecutor's Office accuses Lily Lagutin in the resistance and violence against four police officers and filed charges under articles 363 and 364 of the Criminal Code.

Last year, Ms. Lagutin Svetlogorskij court punished a year of detention. However, the prosecutor's office brought a protest at the verdict. The Regional Court overturned it and sent the case back to the criminal Svetlogorskij court for a new trial with a different composition. And today, the judge Lyudmila Saponenko made a similar punishment.

The former chairman of the Supreme Council, a retired police general Mieczyslaw Mushroom says it is difficult to draw any conclusions, if not studied the matter. But in globally there are generally accepted approaches:

"If law enforcement officers — the police, the police — are taking some measures to arrest the offender, officially naming himself, then people do not have to give them resistance. For resisting the penalty in globally. But you need to have certain conditions are met — to these people, who resisted, they knew that they had been warned that it is the police. That they had been warned that the delay for a loved one — husband, son, father. That is understandable. "

I do not think there was any violence. Perhaps there was some resistance.

As for health care detainee — in this case businesswoman Lagutin — then help the police had put her in the first place:

"If delayed, but it has already become a detainee claims that it has damage — a broken arm or leg, then such a person must provide medical care, and then deal with other offenses."

Some violence women over the four policemen General Mushroom takes seriously:

"Violence — is forcing the police to those actions, which wants to impose a striker. This violence against their will, over their actions. But I do not think there was any violence. Perhaps there was some resistance.

If a woman can commit violence against the four police officers, then who needs a militia? Well, actually! "


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