Environmentalists condemned the destruction of a herd of reindeer in the Antarctic

Britain asked the Norwegian experts to assist in the shoot off three thousand reindeer that turn into the desert one of the islands in the Antarctic, reports Reuters.

Norwegian group of 16 people, mainly Sami reindeer herders, arrived in the archipelago and is preparing to "clean" the agency said. It is expected that all the deer hunting season need two.

"This is a herd of deer can destroy the ecosystem of islands", — the head of Norwegian natural Inspection (Norwegian Nature Inspectorate) Reidar Andersen (Reidar Andersen), whose words are reported.

South Georgia is about two thousand miles from the coast of Antarctica. Originally the island was not large ungulates, but in 1911, the Norwegian whalers brought back ten domestic reindeer to provide themselves with fresh meat for the winter. Part of the deer ran away, they run wild in the century, and their numbers on the islands gradually increased to three thousand.

Some time ago, ecologists have found that a herd of deer was unbearable burden on the local ecosystem. There are no predators that naturally regulate the size of the population, so the "overstay" deer are kind of the aggressor, eating away at the roots of tundra vegetation to recover which will take many decades.

As they note, the preservation of deer on South Georgia threatens the native species, so the shooting — a necessary measure to save the ecosystem of the island.

With the destruction of the vegetation cover in harsh weather conditions in Antarctica quickly begins soil erosion, resulting in the tundra is becoming a rocky polar desert. In addition, deer pose a direct threat to the survival of birds nesting on the island as omnivores, they eat the contents of the birds' nests — eggs or hatchlings.

Breed on the island for more than 30 species of seabirds, including up to 80% of albatross in the world, it also is the world's largest colony of king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus Miller).

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