Europes largest tour operator explained losses unrest in Egypt

Europe's largest tour operator — TUI Travel — suffered losses of 20.8 million standard units in six months. Top Losers for the tour operator — are markets that are developing, as well as Russia. The report says that the company is losing due to continued unrest in Egypt, which greatly reduced the demand for the tours in this area, no matter in what transport had to go there.

Also, the tour operators, demand for child car seat chicco, which is usually issued to rent to people traveling by private vehicles. Simultaneously, increased operating loss — a few percent — about 317 million pounds. Most recently, the UK's largest tour operators — Thomas Cook — announced that it would be restructured its Russian business.

In the enterprise say that through that, demand for tours to Egypt because of the confusion of its business in Russia is growing not as fast as planned. Given the data of Rosstat, in the previous year, Egypt ranked third in popularity among the Russian people. And over the past year demand for travel to Egypt dropped by 35 percent.

The worst results are shown only to Japan — 50 percent. Mass confusion continues in Egypt for over a year. For several days, the state passed the demonstrators, who demanded that the military handed over power to citizens.

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