Exemption: Go to torture political prisoners

The initiative "Liberation", bringing together relatives of political prisoners in the "Case of December 19", referred to the Embassy of Hungary, who presides in the European Union, a statement in which calls on Europe to stand firm on the issue of immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners.

The appeal is noted among other things that in the dungeons of the KGB to the torture of political prisoners:

"The conditions of political prisoners in cruel and inhumane and may amount to torture: Cruel treatment of special units of the KGB guards who hide their faces behind masks, blackmail and psychological pressure on the defendants, the information blockade, the low temperature in the cells, the lack of toilets in many cells.

It was learned, that lead men for questioning in handcuffs. The procedure searches in male cells is the most insulting way: men forced to take out of the camera all the things in a special room, and then razdyavatstsa naked.

In jail on Volodarskogo in 8-place chambers are 15-16 people who are forced to sleep in shifts. "


Consequently, the KGB

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