Fall in love with the Arctic watch online

Fall in love with the Arctic watch online
The history of Arctic exploration — a history of the development of the technical progress of our civilization, but the main thing — it's history courage and dedication of many people, to tame the formidable ice immediately at the cost of their own lives. Development Arctic — fundamental part of our own, Russian history and culture, evidence of the greatness of the Russian Federation and the pride of the Russians. Any of the series of movies about one knows the direction of the Arctic and related discoveries and human destinies.

1-series. Conquerors of the Arctic. First shagi17 August 1977. Nuclear powered icebreaker "Arktika" makes its way to the North Pole. For the first time in the history of the development Arctic here managed to swim to the boat. Most pleased with the captain — Jury Kuchiev, Hero of Socialist Labor, the main action hero. But it had its predecessors: the captains Sedov, Brusilov, Rusanov — in 1912, they have taken independent samples to reach the North Pole. Through the ice and hummocks on simple boats, on foot and by dog sled captains rushed to the North Pole, each time extracting new insights for future explorers.

2nd series. The Arctic. The territory otkrytiyIyul 2007. In the deep-water ports of the manned submersible "Mir" as the bottom surface of the unfamiliar landscape of the planet. Researchers will spend at a depth of more than 9 hours, to perform complex operations harsh. But there is still the same: to set a flag on the days of Russian Federation in the Arctic Ocean this point of the North Pole — 90 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude. Arctic weather kitchen called Earth. From it we heat or cold. The scientists painstakingly tracked down all temperature configurations of water and air. Increased attention — ice cover. The higher melting Arctic ice, the cold it gets on the planet. In Yakutia most a thick layer of frost endless. And if you think there is a good chance to find a fully-preserved mammoth.

Third series. On the ice, as brigantine2 March 2004 on the vast land enrolled alarm: 32th drifting station "North Pole"Distress. Before the end of the polar watches were only three weeks. But polar SP-32 does not give up. So they meet the Arctic after a 12-year hiatus in research rabotah.A in 1936, preparations began for the first expedition on a drifting ice floe. Managing expedition — Ivan Papanin — was the heart and soul of this foursome. They were pervoprohodchikami. And so no one was expecting from their excellent scientific discoveries. But the findings were.

4th series. Arctic. Living on the edge zemliArktika. Life here seems impractical: the endless permafrost, frost of minus sixty, squally winds of hurricane force. But, for more than eight thousand years people live here. In the Russian Arctic, home to seventeen indigenous peoples. Any one of them is called "small" is usually his strength — the least 50 thousand people. Most north people — nganasans. The most untold — Nenets. The most mysterious — chum. Most proud — Evenki. The strongest — chukchi.Oni, of course, the special — the northern nations. With the old traditions and unique culture, it more and more difficult to face the challenges of civilization. Another 100 years ago, the small peoples of the North did not have their own written language. With all of this has kept any of their own language in songs, rituals, legends. Now in front of them — the new challenges of civilization. But with all this and new features …

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