Famous astrologer refuted predictions of doom

Known Canadian astrologer Tim Stevens said that, in his opinion, the end of the world December 21, 2012, which allegedly shows the Mayan calendar will not.

Stevens notes that the probability that the world will end is December 21, 2012 is approximately the same as any other day, or year.

"I wish a Merry Christmas to all the people who believe in the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world. I'll meet you on the other side — after December 21, "- wrote a Canadian astrologer.

The Canadian said he receives a lot of letters asking to talk about positive and negative aspects of the planets on December 21.

According to him, only this December will be 13 different planetary aspects, which is the average amount for each month of the formation of the solar system.

"If we are here to add aspects to the Moon, they will be 94 in December. This is also an almost normal monthly measurement. Therefore, to say that this will be the month when the world will not, it would be an obvious mistake. If only one of them will lead to the end of the world ", — said the astrologer.

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