Far scientists have discovered a biological method of producing silver nanoparticles

Biotechnologists have achieved unique results. In the laboratories of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) not only mastered the "green technologies" in getting the silver nanoparticles, but also learned how to control the size of the smallest particles, reports DW-Ross.

Hundreds of meters of salt water separated from biotechnologists unique discovery. Nanotechnology came from the bottom of the ocean. Inhabitants of the depths — sponges — hit the tubes researchers. First, cells from isolated ribonucleic acid. Then feed these molecules specially grown bacteria. And a scalpel to cut them in tobacco leaves. After the plants are kept in prison — no light in them die chlorophyll. And a solution of silver nitrate. Valuable silver cake is ready.

"We purify them, put it in a centrifuge, washed repeatedly with water to clean the plant extracts", — Says the bioengineering laboratory of the Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences, Far East Tatiana Avramenka.

Above the tiny particles of silver scientists are working for a year. Once received nanometal chemically. Now mastered the "green" — harmless — technology. Researchers at the Far Eastern Branch step further — to reduce the already tiny particles of five. Now the small tubes keep the great scientific treasure — silver millions.

"Here, keep the silver nanoparticles. The aqueous solution refracts light and creates a color. The exact number of nanoparticles is indescribable ", — Says bioengineering graduate student of junior research fellow of the Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences, Far East Dmitry Kamenev.

The prefix nano-scientists to the Far East — a second wind. Research projects have joined forces institutions Vladivostok Akademgorodok. Physics, bioengineering and specialists from the Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences are now gazing at the silver particles. Each link is irreplaceable.

"We, biologists, invaded in nanotechnology. Due to the fact that the view nezamylenny, we can come up with unusual. The most interesting thing in science is born at the intersection of disciplines ", — Says a leading researcher of Bioengineering Biology and Soil Science FEB RAS, Candidate of Biological Sciences Yuri Shkryl.

Now Biology and Soil Science prepares a patent for his discovery. Silver nanoparticles — a new start for the research. The plans scientists natural antiseptic builds bone, part of the biochip and optical sensors.

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