Fateful year … If you believe the rumors

Fateful year … If you believe the rumors raging online, December 21, 2012 must be prepared for the worst. All will be worse than in 1999, when we barely escaped destruction of Paris, predicted a great fashion designer Paco Rabanne? Worse than in 2000, when computer geeks and believed in the "problem of the millennium," trembled with fear? Worse than in 2008, when the launch CERN particle accelerator quantum catastrophe threatened to absorb the entire planet?

Even worse! This time, the real end of the world, we are all dead. At least, so says a handful of clairvoyants, hiding behind the Mayan prophecy, in order to confirm its forecasts and sow terror in the Network. Expert on pre-Columbian archeology Eric Taladuar (Éric Taladoire) (1) tells the story of a major fraud. And trying to appease the most superstitious …

Le Point: Since when we started with the fear of waiting for the end of the world in 2012?

Eric Taladuar: Since 1987, when the triumph was published bestseller "Mayan Factor" American Jose Arguelles (José Arguelles), which sold thousands of copies worldwide. It was he who announced the bad news is that all of the previous researchers, he said, trying not to disclose. In his book he says that in 2012, the Mayan calendar ends. Not before, not the next day: the date is known precisely, and in a few months, it is the most recent virus poshiba flooded with a bunch of websites and blogs. Ironically, that Arguelles died in March of this year. Not having to check the accuracy of their predictions …

However, they can not be considered unreasonable. Arguelles is based on Mayan inscriptions. They are false?

These texts are absolutely authentic. In fact, there are two sources. On the one hand, this is some of the inscriptions on the monuments — which we are still rather difficult to decipher. On the other hand — and this refers to most theories — these are texts that are called "Shilam Balam." This is nothing like astrology books or continuation of famous Mayan Codes.

What we find in these books?

As with any magic book, astrological predictions, of course. But not only … There still have recipes, information about the properties of herbs, anniversary, birthday, years of entry into the power of kings and rulers. Just reached us seven or eight of these texts from all the Central American peace. The most famous text remains "Shilam Balam" from Chumaelya (beautifully translated into French in 1955, Pere surrealist Benjamin (Benjamin Péret), but in general this book was in every village, in every town. There are texts of Mani of Tisimina, of Kauai, from Ishilya … There you can read words such as "caution, this is a bad day." To prevent the risk should be performed such a ritual. I'm exaggerating a bit. Overall, this oral tradition, passed down from generation to villages to generation and written by learned men after the arrival of the Spaniards.

In these texts are talking about the year 2012?

Charlatans who speculate on the topic of end of the world, are based only on "Shilam Balam" from Chumaelya. And besides, only one part of it. We must know that in the system there are several factors Mayan time. Like us, they have a day and a year, and Kin Tong. But there is a Katun, then there is a 20-year period, baktun, or 144 000 days, and so on. The role of astrologers in the Mayan civilization was just to anticipate that in the particular year such and such an event could occur, in accordance with what might have happened in the past. For example, every 20 years there is a risk that again would be a bad harvest, insect attack, a hurricane, a battle … A December 21, 2012, by some estimates, will be exactly 3114 years from the beginning of the Mayan calendar, that is, over the period of 13 Baktun, that is, 13 times to 2 million range. For the Maya, the world as they knew it, with its own structure, their cities, their priests, their deities change.

Change or disappear?

That this is a mistake. If there is a thing that Jose Arguelles seems completely silent, it is the fact that the Central Americans think cycles. Mayan or Aztec Cycles (if we only take them an example), as a spiral, follow each other in an infinite perspective. This update. End of a certain world, but the world in general.

Where they have a special sense of time?

Perhaps because of myths. Take, for example, the Toltecs and their god Quetzalcoatl. This young soldier destroys everything it hostile, creating a civilization of Tula, introduces human sacrifice brings civilization. Then he is getting older, fatter, square, prefers to sacrifice not people, quail or butterflies. And comes a young god, Tezcatlipoca, energetic, combative and deceitful, and destroys Tula, in turn, to seize power. Quetzalcoatl runs to the east. And when the Spaniards (just to the east!), They are, in the eyes of the Aztecs, was none other than the return of Quetzalcoatl as an omen, a sign that is about to begin a new cycle. Astrologers work was to record the changes. Such number was captured by a certain city. Warning: this could happen again in 20 years … That's what we are told about the Mayan December 21, 2012. Not predicting with any disaster.

Modern Maya also love astrology?

Absolutely. In some regions, you will find amazing cases of syncretism. Some even officially belong to the Christian faith, the churches continue to put figurines of deities and perform rituals to protect yourself from potential danger. But caution: you need to distinguish the real from the customs of the practice of "New Age", who now have so many fans in America.

What do they think about these Mayan prophecies?

In 95% of cases they are to them highly indifferent. But I think that this indifference is mainly derived from the fact that the alarmist theory pays little attention to most of the Mayan civilization and its interpretation. Roland Emmerich's film perfectly illustrates this. In fact, in the film "2012" you will hardly find a couple of pictures related to the Maya, and then we show Washington, Los Angeles and apocalyptic pictures. Such use culture to justify some gloomy theories — is cheating. And the truth is that the Maya are much more busy struggling to oranges, which they sold to Tropicana, did not get stickers: "Region of Origin: Florida" than worrying about the end of the world. And December 21, 2012 proved them right …

(1) Eric Taladuar published book "Teotihuacan and Maya. Catalog of the exhibition "Teotihuacan: City of the Gods" at the Museum Quai Branly "(2009) and" The looting of archaeological sites in Central America and pre-Columbian art market "(2011).

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