Feverish planet: the calendar of natural disasters

Whether our planet is in a bad mood, whether she is seriously ill, but only over the past month in different parts of the Earth have been more than ten major disasters. Some flooding, and others — shaking, erupting volcanoes, tornadoes rage, burning forests, tens of thousands of lightning hit the small country.


In Iceland, the volcano woke up again

In Iceland, it seems, is becoming an evil tradition. Almost at the same time a year ago, then again awakened volcano. Though, on the other. Not Eyjafjallajokull, Nadim last May throughout Europe. This time, the forces of nature awakened volcano Grimsvotn. He threw ash to a height of up to 20 km (video), Caused the cancellation of 700 flights, but stormed relatively short time.

Australia stormy

And on the east coast of Australia in late May, a violent storm struck. Brunt of the disaster came in the most populous state of the continent — New South Wales (near Sydney, Illawarra and Hunter). Wind gust speed with more than 100 km per hour.

Japan continues to shake

Land of the Rising Sun in recent months does not carry the most. Japan can not recover from the disastrous consequences of the March disasters — earthquakes, tsunamis, and the most powerful man-made disaster, and it still continues to shake.

In late May, several earthquakes of magnitude 5.1 to 5.8 occurred on the Pacific coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu. The epicenter of earthquake was located in the Pacific Ocean — off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, where the nuclear power plant emergency.

In the U.S., a tornado raged

Worst "friends" of Americans — tornadoes — again visited several U.S. states. Since the beginning of 2011 in the country as a result of numerous tornadoes have killed 523 people. This is the largest number of victims of tornadoes in the last 75 years (in 1936, from tornadoes, according to official statistics, 552 Americans were killed).

Overall, since 2011 the United States has fallen more than one thousand tornadoes. A third of them occurred in April, when a formed in various cities and states tornadoes killed more than 360 people.

South Russia flooding and flood

South Russia in the spring of bad tradition again flooded. In the Kuban even emergency regime was introduced. There was a flood damaged pipeline. One eyewitness videos sent. There you can see how the flood begins.

Magadan, on the eve of the summer filled up with snow

Despite the harsh climate of these places, snowfall in Magadan in the end of May — the phenomenon of extraordinary. And yet, it happened. Snowed two days. No passage for many passes. Roads had zero visibility, so rescuers turned to residents asking them not to leave the settlements.

Siberia and the Far East were burning

The area of natural fires in Russia this year, almost three times. In late May and early June, burned forests in the eastern regions of the country. Many settlements in fires remained without electricity. Only in the Krasnoyarsk Territory fire brought down power lines 200 kilometers.


Canada and Denmark hit tens of thousands of lightning

Nearly 18,000 lightning strikes were recorded during a thunderstorm broke out in Denmark on the night of June 7. The main blow fell on the island of Zealand, which is the capital of Copenhagen. There were also heavy rains. Because of lightning burned several houses.

Footage of the disaster-like scenery of the film-apocalypse, came today from Toronto. The night sky over the Canadian metropolis lit hundreds of lightning. According to witnesses, a severe thunderstorm they had not seen for ten years. A few bits were in homes. Burned, at least two buildings. No light left thousands of people. To date, the power supply was restored, reported there were no injuries.

Chile volcano eruption

Residents of Chile and Argentina come to life after a volcanic eruption. On the eve of the international airport in Buenos Aires were canceled more than 60 flights, with faults are regional terminals. Now volcanic ash cloud has moved towards the ocean. Air traffic over the Argentine capital is restored. The massive volcanic eruption in Chile (video) Causes thousands of people to flee their homes. They fear poison poisonous emissions.

Rainfall in Spain, temporary flooding and the "end of the world" — in Poland

With the effects of the weather these days are struggling emergency services in Poland. Heavy rains accompanied by squally winds. The hurricane tore roofs off houses (video), Dozens of families homeless. In some parts of Warsaw outages occurred electricity. In emergency mode now employs engineers and rescue workers in Spain in the north tropical rains have caused flooding.

Blame It on Saturn?

Experts warn earthlings: the planet is threatened and space anomaly. In late May, the strongest storm shook Saturn. As reported then NASA specialists, anomaly on the planet probe "Cassini" fixed six months ago. Gradually the storm gathered strength, and the result of a celestial body crater diameter of about 5000 kilometers. Experts do not rule out the possibility that cosmic hurricane can affect the quality of life of humans.


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