Fire near Volgograd: the front of fire — 1 mile

Firefighters still can not put out a forest fire broke out again near the village of Stone in Buerak Gorodishchenskoye district of Volgograd region. Now the area of 10-12 hectares of fire, the front of the fire — at least 1 km.

The fire crept to the nearest house to 100 feet away, but the fire building was avoided, as the south-east wind blowing from the village, told the ITAR-TASS news agency inspector of the Information and Public Relations of the regional Emergencies Ministry Dmitry Savelyev. In the fire involved 242 people and 65 vehicles, brought the helicopter Mi-8.
This is the second day of the fire near the village of Stone Buerak. On the eve of there because of the unauthorized burning dry grass caught fire and the fire turned trees in the upper reaches. As a result, 60 people were evacuated. By morning, a fire, an area of over 100 hectares, was extinguished.
Today, local residents were again removed to a safe place. According to witnesses, this time at the village emerged several pockets of flame.

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