Fish robots, laser guns and unmanned submarines — the new brainchild of the U.S. Navy

In the near future, if they believe the representatives of the United States Navy, the fleet of the country will receive unique laser guns, boats, and submarines — drones.

Such information shared with the press head of naval research Matthew Klander. According to him, the new laser weapon will be installed on the decks of ships of various classes in a few years. Earlier it was reported that the first laser combat disposition to appear on American warships in 2016. Apparently, the work goes over the plan.

Fish robots, laser guns and unmanned submarines - the new brainchild of the U.S. Navy

At first, the ships will equip the so referred to as laser patterns, which, by their features are very similar to the serial model. Sam Rear Admiral Klander states that such an instrument ecli previously there were, perhaps, fiction writers of science fiction, but now to implement it in reality is only 2 years old. The Rear Admiral said that the laser cannon on the ships will be a powerful gun, a pulse which will be enough to solve the most fundamental problems.

With all of this has not yet reported, as will eat this gun, in fact for generating massive laser pulse is needed powerful ship's generator. While such generators South American fleet has not. Because the problem now is not at all in terms of the creation of a strong laser gun, and the need to generate enough energy for the amount of its "rounds" with the ship.

Klander believes that will help solve this problem of logistics. To do this, determine dimensions of the gun and with what power boost it will give out. Then it is necessary to carry out an operation in the sense to which specific ship gun can be installed. The Rear Admiral said that right now to address this prepyadstviya working intensely spices. After initial tests proved that the laser beam is perfectly knocks drones.

Fish robots, laser guns and unmanned submarines - the new brainchild of the U.S. Navy

Matthew Klander astonished journalists and the fact that announced the development of a robotic fish prodigious BIOSwimmer. This "fish" can do several tasks at once: from the search for mines and their destruction, to combat swimmers of the special units.

And on this testimony of Rear Admiral is not over. He said that the great hope of the U.S. Navy lays down on unmanned submarines, which will be able to do puzzles within 2 months of battery life. First test unmanned submarine is to go for a dip in 2016. But the unmanned submarine with the regime of autonomy in 30 days will be ready next year.

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