Found millennial skull of another

In the Mexican village found a thousand-skull "foreign"

During excavations in the Mexican village, archaeologists found the skull millennial "foreign" — highly elongated and flattened, like being in the same film by Ridley Scott. However, fans of the "X-Files" — do not worry this is a human skull, but artificially deformed due to the Mexican site of the National Institute of Archaeology and History.

Just a place Onavas, in a matter of 300 meters from residential settlements were found 25 human skeletons, and in 13 of these skulls were traces of deliberate distortion, while five have been specially treated teeth. This cultural practice has been characterized by pre-Columbian civilizations of South and Central America, in particular, Incas and Mayans. But so far, such evidence found much further south of the current excavation sites. So, the ancient practices were more widespread than previously thought.

The deformation of the skull in indoamerikanskih cultures used to distinguish the different social groups or for ritual purposes, explained the head of the group of archaeologists Cristina Garcia Moreno. Baby's head was clamped special wooden "vice" or tying the child in a supine position under the "Press" do not let the skull "rounded".

The procedure was quite dangerous and often led to the fact that people with deformed skulls were dying at a young age, says The Daily Mail.

As for "dental mutilation," then, according to Cristina Moreno, they were teenagers during the ceremony, "the entry into adolescence." Finding is confirmed five skeletons with this type of strain belonged to people older than 12 years.

On some skeletons were jewelry — bracelets, earrings and necklaces from the shells of the Gulf of California, and one skeleton was covered in the abdomen snail's shell. Scientists point out that it was not funerary offerings.

The researchers find it difficult to say why some skeletons were with ornaments, and others do not, and can not judge the social status of the buried, as they all seem to have been buried in the same way. There is another oddity of the 25 skeletons found only one — a female. It also has no explanation.

A total of 17 of the remains found belonged to children and adolescents aged 5 months to 16 years, and only 8 skeletons — an adult. This is more proof of the pernicious practice of cranial deformation — apparently, the children's heads squeezed too hard. In any case, no trace of deadly diseases in the remains have been identified.

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