Four people suffered because of the typhoon in southern Japan Sunbeam

At least four people were injured on Sunday by the impact of Typhoon "Sunbeam" on the Japanese island of Okinawa, reported agentstvoKiodo.

Typhoon "Sunbeam" appeared on September 10 in the Philippines and became the 16th typhoon of the season in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

At present, according to the National Meteorological Agency of Japan, typhoon "Sunbeam" is located to the south-west of the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima and is moving north at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Central pressure of 950 hPa typhoon. Squally wind speed accompanying the cyclone up to 40 meters per second, with gusts up to 60 meters per second.

As a result of the disaster was energized for about 85 million homes. Nearly 500 people were forced from their homes due to local flooding.

According to weather forecasts, typhoon "Sunbeam", leaving the territory of the island of Okinawa and southern Japan, will go toward the Korean peninsula, having suffered serious damage as a result of typhoons "Bolaven" and "Tembin" which hit the area last month. Disaster victims in South Korea have become, at least 12 people. In the DPRK, a blow typhoon killed about 50 people. Thousands of people in both countries have been forced to flee their homes. Enormous damage has been done to agriculture.

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