Frost and sun!

In the central part of Russia that extreme cold. According to weather forecasts, coming in the metropolitan area at night the thermometer drops to minus 29 degrees. Moreover, in the next few days will be cold stiffening. Temperature deviations from the norm are expected up to 17 degrees.

Alexei Lyakhov, CEO Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow region, "Frosty weather will continue over the next five days, or even longer. And thus will become even colder. Thursday-Friday will be very cold. On Friday, forecast meteorologist, the average temperature background in the territory of the Moscow region will be about 23-28 degrees below zero. Places on the area can drop the temperature even down to minus 32 degrees. "

Rainfall in the coming days is expected. In some places it may be a little snow, but generally will be accompanied by severe frosts sunshine, reports NTV.

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