GAZ Group has transferred into trial operation the first 10 production cars Gazelle BUSINESS CNG»

February 20 in Nizhny Novgorod transferred into trial operation of the first batch of 10 production cars "Gazelle BUSINESS CNG» gasoline and compressed natural gas, methane gas (CNG).

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The first customer was the company "GES — Nizhny Novgorod."

As a part of the car — four gas cylinders of 53.4 liters with a maximum operating pressure of 200 atmospheres. The stock of the car on gas is 300 km.

"GAZ Group" plans to begin mass production of cars "Gazelle BUSINESS" with Bi-fuel engine that runs on gasoline and compressed natural gas is methane (CNG) in the autumn of 2013.

"Gazelle BUSINESS CNG» certified and has received approval of a type of vehicle at the end of 2012. All parts and components of a gas vehicle systems are certified in accordance with the rules of the European Economic Commission number 110.

Kit supplier of gas equipment is an Italian company OMVL — one of the world's leading manufacturers of gas systems. The car is equipped with a single engine control unit (petrol and gas), which provide a smooth switch between the two fuels. Also maintains an optimum ratio of air and combustible gas mixture.


Compressed natural gas is methane is the cheapest of the now widely-used types of motor fuel. Fuel costs per 100 km on cars with CNG engine is almost 60% lower than on cars with engines of LPG is more than two times lower than in the case of diesel vehicles and two and a half times lower than in cars with engine on gasoline.

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