GAZ Group to supply IDGC Holding special equipment on the basis of cars Ural

Automobile plant "Ural" GAZ Group (Miass, Chelyabinsk region), part of the Chelyabinsk regional department of Russian Engineering Union before the end of 2011 put the company IDGC Holding nearly 100 trucks.


As reported by "Ural-press-inform" in the Department of Mass Communications of "automobile plant" Ural ", the project is implemented within the framework of a prisoner in 2010, the cooperation agreement between the automobile plant" Ural "and IDGC Holding to update the fleet of power grid enterprises.
Deliveries of machinery on the chassis of the "Ural" has already begun: 26 cars shipped to consumers, ten cars will be transferred to the electric grid companies until the end of October 2011. IDGC Holding's enterprises are purchasing mobile auto repair shops, truck tractors and off-road duty "Ural-63704", to which the production car factory began in the second half of 2010, with side cars gidromanipulyatornymi settings, Bowsers, multipurpose cranes MKM-200.

Until the end of 2011 Automobile Holding IDGC will put more than 70 vehicles with special attachments (crane, drilling, etc.), which are made partners of the plant "Ural" — producers of heavy machinery.

Cars "Ural" is not the first support high capacity for solving transportation problems grid complex of Russia. The main feature of the technique is the high cross: the ability to move on the road is provided by a powerful engine, the special design of major bridges and centralized control of air in the tires. With the ability to move through the virgin snow depth of one meter, to overcome moats wide and 1.2 meters, move the vertical wall height to 0.55 meters; fording depth of 1.75 meters, operating at ambient temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, the cars "Ural" can perform a variety of tasks.

Technique "Ural" is used in the oil, gas and timber industry, mining and utilities. On the chassis of the "Ural" assembled several hundred types of special equipment, including a shift buses, cranes, trucks, fuel trucks, fire trucks and repair shops.

IDGC Holding — the largest company in the energy sector of the Russian Federation, which unites in its structure, inter-regional and regional distribution grid companies, research and design institutes, construction and sales companies. Holding assets are located in 69 regions of the country, the total length of the power networks more than 2.1 million miles.

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