German hospitals overwhelmed by patients

German hospitals overwhelmed by patients

Hospital Hamburg and northern Germany — the epicenter of mass disease intestinal infection — overwhelmed by patients.

People who complain of symptoms of acute intestinal infection, continue to apply to the medical institution.

"The situation is tense in the hospitals," — said the Minister of Health of Germany Daniel Bar.

Recall last week in Europe mysterious intestinal infection are sick for more than two thousand people, 20 of them died. According to doctors, the disease is life-threatening complications that can lead to failure of kidney function.

Among infected — mostly from Germany, where they were recorded the first cases of the disease, as well as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Britain. According to the World Health Organization, cases have been registered in the ten European countries.

The source of infection of acute intestinal infection so far not been able to find. In any case, experts advise that while opt out of raw vegetables, including tomatoes and cucumbers.

In this regard, Russia has banned the import of vegetables from the EU — the likely source of infection, while the European Commission has expressed an official protest against the decision and urged the Russian authorities to lift the embargo, and — immediately.

EU officials said the embargo is contrary to the principles of the World Trade Organization, clearly recalling Russia's desire to join the WTO this year, RIA Novosti reported.

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