Get ready to shake

Get ready to shake

Where and when will the new earthquakes.

According to experts of the International Committee on Global Change subsurface GEOCHANGE, in the next few years, the world offers new catastrophic earthquake.

According to experts, in 2011, a new phase of growth of seismic activity, as clearly evidenced by the March earthquake in Japan. Now there is a movement the Pacific plate, accompanied by activation of the giant sverhglubinnyh faults, where one plate goes to the other. Japan first felt the brunt of the disaster, but he, unfortunately, is not the last. Seismologists believe, the tension in this area has not discharge, so in 2015 the Land of the Rising Sun offers several earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 8 points. Accordingly, it should be prepared for a new tsunami. Taking into account the large number of nuclear power plants in Japan should worry not only Japan, but also all the others.

But no one will affect Japan increase in seismic activity. Next in line are the regions of the so-called Ring of Fire: Indonesia, the Philippines, the west coast of North and South America. It predicted earthquakes that could seriously hit the densely populated mega-cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Santiago. The most significant may be the situation in California, as there is likely to activate one of the most seismically active faults in the world — San Andreas, a length of 1300 kilometers. It lies between the North Atlantic and the Pacific Plate, and an example of the consequences of its activity is the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco magnitude more than 8 points. According to experts, the greatest activity is to be expected in 2013.

Next comes the Alpine-Himalayan seismic belt that extends from the Alps to the Himalayas through the territory of Southern Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central and South-East Asia. The first tremors within 7 points are expected later this year, but its peak must have reached by 2014.

Will take place at the same time and increasing volcanic activity. First, begin to "wake up" the volcanoes in Japan, Indonesia and the Far East of Russia (which, in fact, is already happening). The greatest danger is present, and Fuji volcano Krakatoa, whose eruption earlier led to great destruction and loss of life. The most likely period of eruptions — from 2014 to 2015.

In the Alpine-Himalayan seismic belt of volcanic activity is expected in 2012. Of greatest concern is caused Etna and Vesuvius — the latter already once demonstrated its destructive force, burying their emissions Pompeii.

Such are the gloomy predictions scientists do. But most importantly, that they are not necessary to brush aside — we all can see how affected disdain Japanese forecasts of Russian scientists in 1997 warned of a possible major earthquake in March 2011 near the island of Honshu. Cost in advance to take protective measures (including the boom of the tsunami), and now the world is not watching a horror-aspirated and the situation in the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima". So it is necessary to draw conclusions and to take action in the first place, to impose higher requirements for earthquake resistance construction projects, especially in the Far East. For now, perhaps, no one can say how stable facilities erected for the APEC summit in Vladivostok.

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