Getting ready for the August 7

Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of "Muslim" terrorist attacks in the U.S. Embassies in Africa.

August 7, 1998, there were simultaneous acts of terrorism committed in Nairobi (capital of Kenya) and Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania's capital at the time), the objects of which were the U.S. Embassy in their countries.

According to official reports, 300 people were killed and 4,000 wounded. We have that almost no one remembers, because a week later they themselves took a terrible financial terrorist attack, and the U.S., these explosions have caused a great resonance, increased funding for defense and intelligence agencies, the flow of news, interviews, and demands revenge.


In response, U.S. aircraft bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Somalia. This is the only factory produced 90% of the existing in Somalia vital medicines. The destruction of the factory, of course only led to an increase in mortality among the civilian population. By analogy with the episode of the comedy "Hot Shots" (1991), when the aircraft was given the task, bomb the secondary goals, including the "factory of folk instruments."

For the past week, and to this day, the news content of the messages clogged the temporary closure of embassies in the Middle Eastern countries. USA announced the closure of 19-year-embassies, in the wake behind the host, the leading European countries said the same thing, they were followed by even Norway.

The terrorist threat, which had been closed because of dozens of diplomatic missions of the United States, has caused intercept, the leader of "Al Qaeda" Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Associated Press reported, citing sources in the U.S. intelligence community.
According to the agency, al-Zawahiri sent a message to Nasser al-Wahishi, the leader of the subsidiary "Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula", based in Yemen. Message was intercepted by U.S. intelligence was the reason for a major alarm. The State Department warned of imminent terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens around the world, although, according to him, the main threat comes from the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
Earlier, the U.S. closed for safety reasons, nearly 30 embassies and consulates in the Middle East and Africa, 19 of them will be closed until August 10.

RIA "Novosti"

On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Germany and the United Kingdom reported that closed their embassies in Yemen's capital Sanaa for security reasons.

BBC Russian


On the day when the bombing took place, there was the eighth anniversary of the stay of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. Without any investigation, Washington and the media have told us that in the terrorist attack were directly involvedOsama Bin Ladenand Aymanal-Zawahiri, after which bin Laden was in the top ten most wanted criminals. Reported who ran a car filled with explosives as he was called, where learned how to give orders, eating, when sleeping. Such amazing detail the audience heard that right pride bursting from the impressive work of the security services. One small thing left, grab the terrorist Osama Bin Laden and the court to judge the most democratic in the world.

As it turned out, Jewish relatives Bin Laden, all this time, miraculously lived, including the United States. 13 senyabrya 2001, 124 people will take out his family from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia, despite the total ban of flights these days and not even interrogated. And then the American army would invade Afghanistan, but during the first two months, did not even go down in the province, which in the opinion of the CIA was hiding terrorist number 1. Decade snot munching. Paradoxically, but that no one epaulets ripped down and not sent, and vice versa, the Congress every year, all increased and increased funding for law enforcement agencies.


In addition to the pharmaceutical factory in Somalia, the Americans informed about the bombing of training camps"Al-Qaeda". The fact that all the 90 years, the Americans have bombed and Iraq, they forget to tell. The bombing of Iraq had nothing but firing and bombings, for young pilots, the benefit that the Iraqi army was razaruzhena during "Operation Desert Storm".

Impunity to kill unarmed people, is it not terrorism? In addition to the sanctions, the lack of journalists in Iraq, it was possible to commit their crimes in an information vacuum, because at that time in the world do not have the strength that the Americans would dare to threaten with at least a finger (Zhirinovsky does not count).

It should be noted that"Al-Qaeda"ordinary Americans, have started to introduce it after the event. In the news content, introduced the concept of "terrorism", that already knew who the enemy is. Zombie, news, horror stories, polls, and now, Americans have expressed "its independent" opinion that it was a good idea to make the Middle East, a large crater.

In the summer of 2001, Timothy McVeigh was executed, to finally vdolbat "opinion" about the evils of terrorism. And in September, everything went like clockwork.

Anyone and would not come, that aluminum millimeter thick, unable to break through half-meter thick, steel pylons, under any circumstances. No one noticed that the passenger plane is physically unable to fly from the earth at a speed of 850 km / h, and the fact that the engine is simply no such power, and the fact that the fuselage is not able to overcome such resistance to air as inevitably collapse. Swallowed the crowd, all four phantom aircraft and even choked. The main thing that is clear where to bomb, and to the laws of physics, time left, and the brain is already present.

"Patriot Act" was received with enthusiastic squeal. In the movie "Fahrenheit 911" Michael Moore pointed out that the Congress did not even read the new law just voted, being shocked by the incident, and all the people and all was silent from fear.


Closing the embassy official explained that the valiant security forces intercepted a letter Zawahiri in which he instructs someone, or at the discretion of the journalists. Of course this is nothing more than an invention of intelligence, because the Arabs have no "Al-Qaeda", it is only at the CIA and the controlled media. Zawahiri is as much a phantom scarecrow, whom everyone fears.

Will the terrorist attacks tomorrow? The question of course is interesting. In Iraq, attacks and did not stop, as the blow a hundred people at a time and blow up, and no one is interested, because they're still not into the spirit of democracy, which means people are inferior.

As for the other citizens? Need to see how the American terrorists are round dates. For example, the September 11 attack was timed to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the elder Bush's speech "New World Order", and not just for her. Terrorist attacks in Kenya and Tanzania were confined to the 8th anniversary of the entry of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. The London bombings were timed to the anniversary of the annexation of California (159 years) and Hawaii (107). The terrorist attack in Madrid was dedicated to the 911 days of the attacks of 9/11. As you can see, the date is not round, so that, God forbid, all remain alive.

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